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Is there any best video editing software for our personal computer, especially for Microsoft latest release Windows 8? We know that Windows movie maker is the product available for movie making, clip organizing mp3 cutting. Windows Live Movie Maker is a considerable step up from its forerunner, Windows Movie Maker, and if you’re a Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 user, then you can download Windows Movie Maker for free. Pro's: The editing suite is pretty user-friendly and uses thumbnails in a handy timeline which makes it easy even for total beginners to edit their home movies.
The good news for time lapse enthusiasts is that this new version simplifies the process and no longer requires the workaround that I described in a previous post.
Begin by importing all of the photos in your time lapse series into Movie Maker.  I prefer to number them sequentially, but I believe Movie Maker is less picky than VirtualDub in this regard. After you’ve saved the video, you can open it in Movie Maker and edit it the same way as any other video. Here’s the final result of the video I made during this tutorial.  The people in the foreground toward the end are picking up the pieces of someone’s mobile phone after it flew off the ride. The good news is I’m sure someone will come out with a program eventually, so you can begin taking photos now and assemble them in a couple of years.
Modern morphing software has intelligent face detection that greatly simplifies the process. The quality of the video versus the original photos depends on size, compression, and color management. I have done the Windows Movie Maker recently, after made two video featured the oldest survived 35mm nitrate films of unknown origins.

Windows Live Movie Maker is the one-minute way to turn photos and videos into great-looking movies that are easy to share -- for free.
Registered users have access to the quickest possible download speeds and can also access additional community features such as our "Download Alert", which automatically notifies you when a new version of this software is available. Now it is available for windows 8 also.There is no need of introduction for Windows movie maker.
Most of the top Hollywood films are edited using Lightworks, such as Shutter island, Centurion, Departed, Hanna and more.
This software’s main aim in life is to make life easier for the home video enthusiast. Overall, if you can bear to put up with just exporting in WMV, then Windows Movie Maker makes it tons easier to upload films to the likes of You Tube, which is what it’s all about, right?
The only trouble is getting the face in the same place in the frame every time, I could get it quite close but not exact.
I photographed all 1,594 frames from 100ft roll by my Epson film scanner, and fully cropped around the unwanted sprocket holes from it.
We can use 2 camcorders at once, beautiful effects, latest timeline effects, cut or add videos. Whether you prefer Hollywood or the indie scene, you’re the director with Microsoft Movie Maker.
Because most of us own so much digital equipment these days, we’re overloaded with photos and videos. My only time-lapse was the clouds scene, where the clouds move up the sky faster as that of a night turns into day and vice versa.

One thing to note, Movie Maker did not load for me, a problem with Windows 7 x64 bit, I had to update my graphics card drivers to the latest version. It can sometimes be a royal pain trying to get them into a useful format to share with friends and family through various social networks.
And while printed colors have a wider range, videos should use the same color palette as the digital photos. As the pre-1930 films was projected at 20 FPS therefore I adjusted the duration time of each frame at 0.05 per frame.
Because, the people having no idea about Top free video editing application, who have installed Windows 8 recently. Although this is a fairly straightforward piece of editing kit, to be honest, the interface is a bit fiddly to use.
I installed video editing softwares in February last, after that I realized that, some of the applications that I have installed not working properly..! The controls aren’t necessarily in the most user-friendly place and you might need to do some scrolling around which is a tiny pain.
Movie Maker adds transitions and effects automatically so your movie looks polished and professional.Share your movie onlineOnce your movie is ready, share it online on Facebook, YouTube or other social networking and video sharing sites. We encourage you, however, to determine whether this product or your intended use is legal in your country.

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