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Last month, we broke the news that Game Insight’s hit game Cloud Raiders would soon be making its way to Windows Phone. The other thing you’ll do lots of at your base is produce military units like grunts, archers, and bombers. Much like King’s Bounty: Legions, Cloud Raiders is cross-platform right from the start on Windows Phone. To access cloud saves and PvP features, you must link your account to a Facebook profile (just like King’s Bounty). Cloud Raiders is free to play, with in-app purchases consisting of premium currency called gems. Microsoft made the Desktop App Converter tool available in preview form last month, giving developers the ability to convert traditional desktop apps to the UWP platform. Windows Hello support for fingerprint sensors is headed to Windows 10 Mobile this summer, Microsoft has officially confirmed. Previously, we have seen Windows Phone 7’s simple yet elegant “Metro” user interface duplicated on Android in homescreen replacement apps the likes of Launcher 7, 7 Launcher and Metro UI. Apart from the fact that this Android ‘Metro Player’ (let’s just call it that for now) does not, of course, support Zune integration, it is close to identical to Windows Phone 7’s native music player.
Just like in the WP7 native music player, you can switch between artists, albums, songs, playlists and genres by simply swiping across the screen. You’ve failed to mention the fact that it is able to pull artist images for the background, just like Zune.
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The development team behind the popular application seems to have confirmed that a Windows Phone 8.1 port of the VLC Player is not all that far away, after already having hinted a mobile version. However, there no specific information about the timeframe of release has been provided — for good reason one might say, as fixing all bugs and performance issues on multimedia apps is not always the swiftest of jobs. Interestingly, the developers have hinted that the Windows Phone client might only arrive for Windows Phone 8.1 devices, citing the availability of specific features only in the upcoming mobile OS. And this is also a throwback to the fact that Windows Phone 8.1 is primed for release soon, as Microsoft has confirmed that an update for its mobile platform is coming in spring, but is yet to fully unveil this new version in detail.
Anyway, VLC Player for Windows 8.1, from the time being, seems to be stuck in certification. First, it’s the least casual title that Game Insight (a publisher known primarily for city builders) has brought to Windows Phone so far.

Players always need more resources for base upgrades in Cloud Raiders, so why not go out and take those resources from your fellow players?
Right now, joining a clan lets you share units with other clan members and engage in clan chat (global chat is coming soon).
After restoring the clan headquarters building on your island, request to join the WPCentral clan. Players can jump back and forth between Windows Phone, Android, and Facebook without losing any progress. Linking your account means you’ll need an internet connection in order to play, so maybe don’t link if you don’t have the internet at home.
The only thing you really need gems for is unlocking the ability to upgrade more than one building at a time. The storied first-person shooter has been retooled with new visuals as well as a new multiplayer mode.
The tool picked up an updated earlier today that restores support for Windows 10 Pro, along with auto-detection for file associations, app install path, and more. At first glance, there doesn't seem to be any new features, and given the lack of an official changelog, it looks like the updates are aimed at squashing bugs.
The user interface is an absolute gift for the eyes and the animations are smoother and faster than those seen in the aforementioned WP7-style launchers. Tapping an alphabet tile in the artists, albums or songs tabs brings up an alphabet grid for quick browsing.
The only essential feature that is missing as of this writing, is a search bar, or rather, support for the Search button.
To install the downloaded APK, you must enable installation of non-Market applications on your device.
We review the best desktop, mobile and web apps and services out there, in addition to useful tips and guides for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows Phone. There were voices that the VLC Player for Windows 8.1 might be here with us at the start of this week, what with the application already submitted for approval to the Windows Store. One funny thing that happens around the holidays is the cone gets a Christmas hat, so I do enjoy it for that reason.
After enjoying a brief “open beta” period, Cloud Raiders has now been officially released into the wild for all Windows Phone 8 devices. More importantly, Cloud Raiders is the closest thing our platform has to Clash of Clans, a very popular casual strategy title on Android and iOS.

So far, Cloud Raiders probably sounds like any other city building game – albeit with a fantasy theme. You won’t have to worry about a billion jillion types of resources or hoping to find random items needed to progress.
Attacking a juicy base and looting the gold and clouds inside is quite enjoyable – assuming your team can handle the base’s defenses. Clans have their own leaderboard rankings, providing an extra level of competition to the game.
But the ability to keep your profile even if you uninstall or change devices is more than worth it in my book. The developer released an alpha preview of his Zune Music Player doppleganger yesterday on his Twitter account, mentioning that it was yet to be given a name. We’re hoping that the player doesn’t run into legal trouble if and when it finally hits the Android Market. While within the player interface, tapping the album art of a currently playing song reveals Repeat and Shuffle toggle switches.
To do so, hit Menu while on the homescreen, then go to Settings > Applications and check Unknown sources.
As our detailed review about the app reveals, it brings forth lots of customizations, along with sporting WP7-esque looks, to give you the look and feel of a Zune style music player on your Android.
In truth, this game’s free to play mechanics are some of the most balanced I’ve seen in a mobile title. It would be a welcome addition to the shelves and an undoubtedly sleeker, less bland alternative to the stock Android music player. Selecting the list of songs below the title of the currently playing song brings up the entire playlist. Various options included within the package comprise lock screen support, specifying custom media location, playback control via headset, artist biographies, visually rich media library and lots more.
The fun part of the base-building component is testing your layout and defenses against the attacks of your fellow raiders.

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