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The WinToFlash supports both CD and ISO File to be read as disk image and copy that to drive letter. I will appreciate if you could tell me installation process, as when i rebot->select usb drive from starting boot menu-> then ??
So pl clarify where I am making mistake.I have to clean install win sp3 prof 32 bit and I am looking help for this.
I havemade the bootable usb but when i try to install then it does not give me an option ti install windows xp into my hard drive. Although Microsoft is delaying the distribution of SP3 RTW (Release to Web) on Update and Microsoft Download Center (but the standalone update packages are downloadable from Microsoft server), it has released the full installation ISO for with Service Pack Update installation with Service Pack3.
This step by step tutorial will teach you how to easily format your hard disk and install Windows XP. NOTE : The nomenclature of some menus can have slightly different names depending on the manufacturer of the motherboard, the procedure is still standard. The Windows installation requires that the selected partition of the hard disk be formatted.
After formatting the hard disk, the CD auto-installer automatically copies the necessary files to install Windows XP. During the restart do not press any buttons, but leave the CD in the player as you will need it during the terminal phase of this process.
After completing this steps you will have a fresh new copy of Windows XP on your PC after you have formatted your hard disk. Hope that this step by step tutorial on How to Format Your Hard Disk and Install Windows XP was usefull and please let us know if you encountered any issues.

You can find Windows drivers you are looking for easily by following simple steps outlined here. Daemon Tools program to create virtual CD drive to read the ISO - with this, you don't need to burn drivers to real CD media.
Browse to the location of the CD Image .iso file created in phase 2 above and your CD will appear in "My Computer" as if you inserted a real CD. Right click on one of the devices with yellow question mark next to it and click on 'update driver'.
Once driver is find and installed, repeat the same steps on each device with yellow question mark to install all windows Xp drivers you need. I dont have the original xp cd because this computer is very old and the original OEM instalation was Win2000 which was removed from system and I loaded XP sp2 from a cd i got from my friend and this too is giving trouble so I want a clean instalation of win XPsp3 Prof 32bit.
I have a DELL Optiplex GX260 Series, and umm i cant access my bios settings, F2 gives me the setup and F12 the Boot settings and all. For example if your PC has Windows 8, Win 7 already then XP setup will not be able to find the drive. After I installed windows through USB by this software, It can NOT be formatted to any other format other than fat32. After accepting the license agreement, you will see a screen that will display the status of your hard drive, that is, any partition present, their file systems and the presence of any operating systems.
Be aware that the normal full format option requires more time (more than an hour maybe) depending on the size of the disc itself. The installation of Windows XP can take a long time, this will be indicated by the sequence by the presentation pages of Windows XP.

However you can also find complete tutorial to to install windows 8 from USB and Windows 7 from USB. When you buy a new hard drive put your trust in experts and ask only for hard disks of an excellent build quality. For simplicity, we will assume that you install the operating system onto a single partition (you can still install Windows XP on one partition and preserve another partition to hold your data, or have two operating systems on different partitions). The company has over 400 PC and they keep on purchasing new PCs with every new requirement..
Your data is valuable, if the hard drive shows signs of old age, give it a well deserved rest and invest a few dollars in a new one. This, though, does not mean that you will not have any problems with the hard drive whatsoever, but it  will  certainly reduce the likelihood. I just want to know that what is the way that helps me to get the ISO for free from microsoft for with my License key.
What I was trying to get at is that if you download the Win 7, You can extract the boot.wimwim files from that to use to make your vista.

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