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Why building custom WordPress themes is a better option than, particularly in terms of functionality, if you are looking for a unique non-cookie cutter stock themed website. Even Matt Cutts from Google, a guru in the web optimization industry, has a personal blog built in WordPress. Search Engine Land has millions of visitors each month and currently over 20,000 pages indexed by Google. WordPress has allowed Google to crawl basically all responsive websites on nearly every device, be it laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile device. Vab Media had the opportunity to speak with one of the developers from Third Door Media which is the organization that developed and maintains Search Engine Land. TechCrunch has had a CMS WordPress based platform for several years and is extremely satisfied with its performance. General Electric (GE) is a dynamic established company so if they are using WordPress, you cannot go wrong. As a result of these of these Internet hacks and invasions, most of these huge companies have whole divisions and dedicated teams focusing exclusively on preventing information stored on the Internet from being stolen.
The biggest culprit of Internet hacking on WordPress is more than likely WordPress plugins.
Another security issue that is helpful is to regularly change your password to every administrator and content contributor every few weeks. If you want to learn even more about all the possible WordPress security myths , we have included an informative article from Pro Blogger that covers a list of 10 security myths. Again Vab Media would like to reiterate that there are many myths surrounding WordPress, but all of those myths are just myths. Google Trends is a free search resource tool you can use to check to see what is currently trending or getting a lot of searches.
Vab Media has created a growing number of responsive design websites for our clients especially with the emergence of  mobile and tablet devices. Recently, the 2012 theme built by WordPress is responsive, which means it resizes according to the browser, even the menu toggles to a smaller size. No matter what CMS platform you choose to develop a website, the designer or developer cannot take shortcuts when it comes to front-end and back-end coding while setting up a solid information architecture and usability interface. For most businesses WordPress can be a perfectly adequate platform to use, provided you have competent designers and administrators monitoring it on a monthly basis.

Jaclyn SoreseTechnical Writer and Financial BookkeeperJaclyn is our technical writer and financial bookkeeper. The WordPress wave that started from the US and then flew towards Europe is slowly and steadily making its way towards Asia now.
Excellent design themes: WordPress not only has designs on different themes, what’s even more appealing to the user is the excellent and rich looking designs that the service offers, excellent look and feel, great graphics makes it a win win deal for the customer. SEO Friendly: WordPress sites are SEO friendly and help in assuring you a top spot in the major search engines, using WordPress SEO tools not only makes your process easier, it makes it efficient at the same time. Saves time and Money: Using WordPress websites not only save you the money but they also save you the time and considering the value of time in today’s world, users aren’t complaining either.
Spam free: One of the most important aspect of WordPress websites is that they are spam free. No Wonder use of WordPress websites is growing at the rate of knots with new sites coming with each passing second. WordPress contains several themes and templates that can be used for various types of websites. However, there are many myths and misconceptions about using WordPress Content Management Systems (CMS) for high traffic websites or large organizational enterprise companies. One of the major myths is that it is not secure, but there are many security measures that can be taken by developers and yourself, and even hosting companies, that will make it nearly impossible for your website to get hacked.
Responsive web design is the new trend in web design and the Internet, with more people using mobile devices to browse the web for services, restaurants or products on the web. Their niche designs coupled with the cost of these templates is making the web user turn towards this option, not only do wordpress templates provide rich looking designs, they are also quite useful when it comes to the Search Engine Optimization aspect of your site. Users all across the globe that want to have a website but have a predefined budget constraint are increasingly favoring WordPress templates and what’s more, some of them are making big moolah too with their small investments.
This feature not only adds credibility to your site but also increases the consumer’s confidence in your product. If you too are looking for that sleek site that holds within your budget and that is SEO friendly as well, then trust me WordPress wouldn’t disappoint you. The layout of these themes has been specifically designed to meet the standards of particular websites, for instance, wedding based themes are designed for wedding websites and similar stuff is incorporated in it. This was really exciting and Michelle Robbins, Vice President of Technology, had many insights to share with us.

And as with any platform, a site is only as secure as the weakest password of a given user.
The WordPress platform can be an easy target of attacks from hackers (to inject links, malware, etc) but this is only if you do not stay updated and take steps to prevent calamities from happening. At Vab Media, we take all these considerations into account when building a website for you. We can custom code your new and innovative website in a partial or completely HTML, PHP, HTML5 or CSS3 mode. Jaclyn assists in determining client budgets while monitoring any variance to plan fluctuations.
He started blog to share his experience, thought, ideas and tips with others and improve skills in particular niches. There are a large number of templates being created everyday in WordPress to give users an opportunity to create their websites with a professional touch. We love using WordPress because it allows us to add components that already exist and are highly rated to make your website as functional and as up to date as the hottest website around. With years of experience effectively developing and implementing Chart of Accounts (COAs), Legal Entities (LEs) and General Ledgers (GLs), this makes her an update point of contact particularly considering her vast familiarity with data analysis products such as Salesforce, Oracle, SAP and Google Analytics. The designs are created to suit the requirement of the websites.You may also check Church Website Themes. If you huge social media news site like Mashable with unlimited resources and staff than a more complex platform like Ruby on Rails might be a better fit to run on the back-end of your website. Jaclyn is responsible for planning, developing and delivering sales and presentation proposals and materials- including client Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and Requests for Information (RFIs), mostly pertaining to finalizing documents and contracts. Only use plugins by people that you trust.”  If your developer is not looking out for this, don’t use the plugin. She is a cum laude Duke University graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science combined with heavy concentrations in Mathematics and Physics She comes from a very strong financial and marketing background having worked for several Fortune 500 companies such as General Electric, American Express, John Hancock and Honeywell– spanning various different industries.
Vab Media can customize your website to perfection while keeping your business goals in mind.

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