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Our email services services give your brand the competitive edge with ongoing outreach to your customers and leads. We utilize third party services providers such as MailChimp and Constant Contact to set up and manage your campaign.
The pricing for email marketing packages varies depending on what type of campaign we are running, how often eBlasts will be distributed, number of recipients on your mail list, and several other factors. Manners tend get a bad rap for being old-fashioned and boring, but they affect our lives more profoundly than we might think—especially when it comes to workplace communication. In today's increasingly busy working world, many people tend to sacrifice manners for the sake of getting things done. I email dozens of communicators every day, and it never fails to surprise me how many people don't practice good email manners.
I'm talking instead about subtleties that, while in the grand scheme of things might not seem important, make life a little harder for the person you're emailing—or, worse, make you look ill-mannered.
If you were to walk up to a co-worker's desk to ask him something, you probably wouldn't launch right into your question. It's polite to greet the person you're about to talk to, whether you're face to face or chatting via email. This point is especially important for people who work remotely and don't know their co-workers' personalities well. Say, for example, you're a friendly, happy person, but you have an overwhelming workload and no time to write emails that accurately convey your cheery disposition.

Rather than risk your reputation, take a few seconds to add punctuation, a few adjectives or even an emoji (if appropriate) and let your reader know you're a pleasant person. Have you ever asked someone a few questions via email, but the person only provided an answer to one of them? Unless an email is unreasonably long, read the whole thing and address everything that warrants addressing. We're all busy, and it's unrealistic to expect everyone to craft perfect emails all the time. This allows us to gather reporting on bounce rates, open rates, click through rates and more. Our email marketing campaigns are typically integrated with other services starting from $1500 per month and go up depending on what’s needed. Though efficiency is important, we should always be aware of how others perceive us—specifically when it comes to email. Now, I'm not talking about abusing "reply all," copying unnecessary people on a message or drafting long, rambling letters. Do your messages make people's live a little better or happier, or are your recipients heaving irritated sighs every time your name pops up in their inboxes? You don't have to start each message of a long email chain with hello, but you should start the exchange that way.
You would close a phone call or in-person conversation with "goodbye," "talk to you soon" or "thanks" (you wouldn't just hang up or run away), so do so in your emails.

I proofread my email before I sent it to you, and you should respect me and my time enough to do the same.
If your recipient isn't familiar with how you talk or your sense of humor, they could dramatically misinterpret your messages.
Your emails are short, blunt and devoid of punctuation or conversation that could help your reader understand that you asked her—with a smile—to please do that one task soon.
You'll save the other person's time and yours, because you won't have to reply to a second email later on. Maybe sending one-word messages without any pleasantries is the way your organization operates, or you know the people you email well enough to not have to worry about any of the points above. You're away from your computer and trying to save time by replying to messages on your phone during your lunch break or commute home.
I'm talking to the people who use this disclaimer because they don't want to "waste time" fixing their typos. Jumping right into your thought (or, worse, your demand) is blunt and can seem disruptive and harsh. If you would proofread your email before sending it to your boss or a client, you should do so for everyone else.

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