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As a result, the game grew from humble indie beginnings to something of a phenomenon, with a constantly-growing, loyal fanbase creating ever more adventurous and elaborate structures.
After a long old wait, Minecraft has now hit the console scene too, landing exclusively as an XBLA downloadable title for Microsoft’s Xbox 360. As with the PC version, you’ll initially be thrust into a randomly generated world, with nothing but your hands to work with. Beyond that basic premise however, you’re free to travel and build as you please, digging deep underground or building towers towards the sky. One addition that will certainly be universally welcomed is the robust multiplayer offerings in the Xbox 360 edition. Capturing much of what made the PC original so compelling, Minecraft Xbox 360 version is a must have for those who’ve yet to have the pleasure of playing the game on a computer. But, if you’re like the average person, you or someone in your life wants the latest and greatest video game systems. When you consider the fact that a $400 price tag doesn’t even include a game or second controller it becomes apparent that upgrading to one of these systems can cost $500 or more. For instance, if you were looking to purchase a PS4 you would navigate to a penny auction site, find one that is still up for grabs, and place your starting bid. Finally, don’t hesitate to look for promotional or coupon codes, as many penny auction sites offer them during holidays or for first time users.
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In current situation Microsoft and Sony are both going head to head for the presentation of their future consoles both have the best track record in sales of millions of consoles but this time Microsoft has an edge over it’s counterpart Sony.
The Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3) which will take place at the Los Angeles Convention Center from June 11-13 is the spot where the Xbox 720 will be unveiled for the first time. Microsoft is still on the cooler side with no hints of price and launch date for their most anticipated Xbox 720 device but  even if Microsoft keep calm the enthusiasts still seem to be more happy to stick with the current launch date and friendly looking prices until more official announcements and information get leaked. On the other hand The Xbox 720 images are all over the web we have found some real eye pleasing ones for you, Check out and do comment with your suggestions. Setting players loose in an endless, randomly generated world presented in a charmingly retro way, it set no goals other than to encourage players to explore, collect resources, and build blocky structures to their hearts’ content.
With its focus on creation over destruction, Minecraft proved a unique antidote to the repetitive, saturnine shooters that saturate game catalogues. It’s much the same as its PC counterpart, but has some excellent new additions, as well as a few sorely missed omissions too. Digging into the ground will uncover resources that will let you create tools (some for better digging or wood chopping, for instance, and weaponry too) as well as different materials for building; some weak like sand and dirt, others much more sturdy like metals and rocks. On the one hand, they arguably detract from the sense of discovery that makes playing Minecraft so rewarding.

Up to 4 players can enjoy local splitscreen multiplayer fun here, with as many as 8 across Xbox Live. While the PC version remains superior, this latest console version has some clever additions of its own, not least of all the streamlined multiplayer options. I was an assured buyer, but this is no better than the tens of clones already available on XBLA! The cost of living keeps rising, the economy is in the tank, and it just keeps getting harder and harder to make ends meet. With price tags for both consoles starting around $400 it can put a heavy burden on even the healthiest of budgets.
Unless you’re rolling in the dough it’s going to be difficult to save up for one of these systems. Sony recently released a special, limited edition, Playstation 4 bundle that included the popular MMO Destiny, as well as a second controller. Many were able to win the system at prices similar to those listed above for the PS4 Destiny bundle, meaning that they not only saved money on the system, but were also able to obtain it when it was sold out at virtually every retailer in the United States. By bidding intelligently, though, you increase your chances of winning a Playstation 4 or XBOX One at significantly reduced costs.
By approaching the bidding process intelligently and cautiously you will be much more likely to win your brand new electronics for a crazy discount, and that will make it feel that much better when you sit down to play. All big names in the game making industry are getting connected and this will make quite a sense that in near future players will have the ability to jump from one game to other.
The leaked specs sheet of the device suggests that the Microsoft seems to be more keen in making the competition tougher. Digging into the ground and collecting building materials, you were only limited by your imagination, an addictive premise that many have likened to a digital Lego box. The fact that it was made by a tiny team of (initially, at least) one developer made it all the more loveable. You’ll then need to put these together into a protective shelter, as when night falls in the game all manner of beasties appear to try to do you and your creations harm. You’ll learn how to make a workbench, and of a handful of the different possibilities that the Minecraft world holds for you.
On the other, it means playing with a wikipedia entry to hand at the same time is no longer a necessity for baffled newcomers. Compare this with the hassle of having to manually set up private servers on the PC version and it’s a much more user-friendly way of getting gamers together.
PC gamers can give this version a miss, but gamers who play exclusively on consoles should have Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition on the top of their wish-lists. First, you place a bid, stating what you’re willing to pay for the item that’s up for auction.

When others place their bids the price of the item increases, again, until the auction is over. Don’t bid more than you’re comfortable paying and you won’t find yourself in a situation where you’ve spent more than you would have at a brick and mortar retailer. Start bidding early to increase your chances of winning your game system at the best possible price. It’s also believed that the future version of the Xbox may need a constant Internet connection as reported in many source sites all over the web. With all these powerful performance based features to run smoothly an 8-core 64-bit CPU has been chipped in which will be supported by an 800 MHz DirectX 11.1 GPU. The reports have been published in different news websites and Ubisoft Montreal head Yannis Mallat has come up with some confirmation of the Microsoft Xbox 720 to have the same powerful features under the hood. The research report released by Baird Equity mentions that both Xbox 720 and Playstation 4 will both have the same price range of $350 to $400.
Minecraft on the PC can initially be disorientating for first-timers, as there is absolutely no built-in explanation as to how the game works; here, it makes a welcoming first-impression, as you take baby steps into the expansive, deep system that underpins the game.
In our view, it’s an appropriate way to introduce console gamers to the vast possibilities that Minecraft offers. The development team are forever adding updates to the PC version, and similar support is being promised for the Xbox 360 version, with updates including Kinect voice control and player skins already road-mapped for inclusion.
So, what can you do to get one of these systems without having to shell out that kind of money? Depending on how aggressive the competition was, you could end up winning your Playstation 4 for just a few dollars. Those using penny auction sites to their fullest extent have won the systems at prices of $100 to $200, reducing the cost as much as eighty percent.
The news of 1 TB Hard-disk version are also hot but we have the confirm reports of a 500 GB HDD which will be supported with the latest techniques. It’s totally possible that over the coming months the few problems we have with the 360 version of the game may be ironed out, and the gaps in content filled up, which is a very exciting prospect indeed for Xbox 360 players. Their known as “Penny Auctions” because a bid will typically increase the final sales price of the item by one cent. You would have to pay inflated prices buying the system from those who already had it and were hoping to resell it for a profit, or, pass on the system altogether. In creative mode, players can fly about the map freely with unlimited resources, meaning that their wildest projects could come together quickly without the hassle of being interrupted by the aggressive nighttime foes.

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