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The official channel for a San Francisco-based music and video distribution company called Empire Distribution, which works with artists like Eric Bellinger, Lyrica Anderson, John Hart, Rayven Justice, and Netta Brielle. One of the advantages of YouTube’s open platform is that it gives emerging musicians of all types the chance to quickly upload, distribute, and promote their work to a wide audience. Longtime fans of Mitchell Davis on YouTube have seen him go through a cycle of posting on the video platform for fun, then as a job, then out of passion, and now, once again, in a more committed, job-like manner with an imminent move to Los Angeles.
Before 789, Davis had only “casually” watched YouTube, not subscribing to any channels and, what’s more, not realizing that there was a “momentum growing” behind the whole enterprise. When he got back from 789, Davis subscribed to the channels of “everyone [he] met there.” His YouTube career later took a turn for the more serious when he decided not to return to college after experiencing very severe OCD symptoms.
Overall, Davis calls himself an artist, preferring it as a more all-encompassing label than something like “YouTuber” (Davis also sells his prints in the physical world and posts music in SoundCloud, for example). Thus, Davis plans to move to LA to revive his YouTube channel, but also just to be “closer to all that creativity,” that of the other artists of all colors who live out West.
UCFB, a World First in Higher Education dedicated to the delivery of undergraduate degrees and executive education wrapped around the football business and sports industries, and Green 4 Solutions have announced a ground breaking partnership to further develop the future executives of the sports industry.Expansion of the Burnley based University in 2013 saw the announcement of a second site at Wembley Stadium.
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Gone are the days when product quality, price, and customer service were enough to win customers. Marketers are aware that consumers use multiple devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops during their shopping journey. If that customer also frequently purchases a certain shoe brand - and both the suit maker and shoemaker are part of Adobe's cross-device co-op - both companies can connect the mobile phone, laptop, and tablet to the customer to create a full device profile. The Device Co-op is not unlike Criteo's Universal Match product, which links anonymized CRM data from its customers on a device graph. Adobe also merged online and offline shopping experiences with a new smart shopping bag that functions like a virtual shopping cart.
When customers place RFID-tagged items in the bag, the BLE device recognizes the RFID tag and tracks the total cost of those products. Under a new partnership, comScore will begin applying Adobe's census-based metrics across platforms and devices to its products to help advertisers gain more insights into their campaigns, the companies said. Additionally, Adobe will integrate comScore audience data, including demographics, into its Marketing Cloud. As part of its increased investments in data science, Adobe is adding digital marketing algorithms and features including smart tags, predictive email subject lines, and automated ad insights, to its offerings. Ironically, as Adobe attempts to help brands differentiate their services and offerings, the customer experience space itself has become very crowded. Salesforce emphasizes the value of customer experiences across its service, marketing, and analytics cloud and Oracle has its customer experience suite. But given that the best customer experience is frictionless, integrations into other technology solutions is key.

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1to1 Media is a proponent of Extreme Trusta€”proactively acting in customersa€™ best interests. On one hand, with so much music content being consumed on the video site, brands have a great shot at getting their name and messaging in front of tuned-in viewers.
And when marketers find content creators that share their brand’s beliefs and purpose, that partnership can be extremely powerful because of the relationship and influence that these creators have with their audiences,” says Jonathan Dupuis, SVP of account management at DigitasLBi.
One place for such content is this channel, which focuses on the release and promotion of deep house, indie dance, and nu-disco artists and their music, with the goal of helping them gain more recognition. Signed to Columbia Records, this country-themed group has released two albums to date, and uses the channel to promote their work. He happened to fit the attractive, teen boy vlogger model with long hair and bangs, thus gaining popularity that revealed itself at the YouTube gathering called 789, which preceded VidCon.
At the gathering, Davis also met fellow YouTubers, like Tessa Violet, who urged him to get more involved with the community—meaning he would have to start engaging in conversations with other creators, collaborating, and subscribing. After Davis left to get treatment, he figured he would say goodbye to college for good and do YouTube full time, which he did with his best friend, Kyle Sibert. The guys adopted a regular schedule in which they would brainstorm all week and post new videos every Thursday. He continues to make videos and post them on his channel, but he’s been forced to do so less frequently, as he needs to work other jobs to help pay the rent. He is certain about his passion for his YouTube channel, stating, “Always at the end of the day, I want to do Livelavalive.” To make this work, Davis has decided to bring back a regular schedule to his uploads and to work on his time management. Today customer experience--how customers feel about a brand and their encounters with the brand--is the new battleground. However, connecting consumer behavior across these devices remains a challenge for marketers. The Adobe Marketing Cloud Device Co-op is a network that enables brands to pool anonymized data to better identify consumers across digital touch points. The idea is that both companies could offer better services and more relevant messaging by having a fuller view of the customer journey. When Criteo launched Universal Match last year, more than two-thirds of its 9,300 brand customers were already participating in the database, according to the company. The Adobe Smart Bag, which was made in collaboration with with Capgemini and tech startup Twyst, uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology to allow communication between the bag and product tags. When customers are ready to check out, they simply remove the interior bag containing the items, which sends a signal to an app triggering a mobile purchase, using payment information stored in the retailer's app. ComScore will incorporate Adobe Certified Metrics into its cross media, audience and advertising product suites.

This means marketers will be able to more easily compare key metrics such as the number of video starts, time spent watching and rates of ad engagement across properties, devices, and audiences.
These data science capabilities are being sprinkled throughout Adobe products such as Adobe's Creative Cloud, Document Cloud, and Marketing Cloud, explains Loni Stark, senior director of strategy and product marketing at Adobe. Adobe's plan is to combine data science with its history of content and site development to deliver experiences with a creative technological twist. Other companies also enable businesses to gain a fuller understanding of the customer's needs and preferences. And Google's Analytics 360 suite includes a data marketplace, analytics, and marketing cloud tools that also competes with Adobe, Salesforce, and other companies.
And to be fair, Adobe and its competitors are increasingly enabling integration capabilities across their various platforms.
Any use of materials, except for social media sharing (Tweets, Facebook posts, etc.), without the prior written consent of 1to1 Media is strictly prohibited. Her channel serves as a video hub for official music videos, footage of live performances, and, on occasion, vlogs about her life. It features music videos, straight clips of songs, footage of live performances, and even a behind-the-scenes look into their career and work.
Davis and Sibert kept this schedule and worked together on YouTube videos for three years until Sibert left in favor of a more stable financial situation.
And while Google and Facebook offer scalable, cross-device matching capabilities it's only within the companies' respective platforms, or walled gardens.
The Device Co-op is still in private beta and Adobe hasn't named any customers yet, but the company estimates that it could link up to 1.2 billion devices that are "seen" by Co-op members. The partnership is similar to a collaboration between Adobe and Nielsen that was announced in 2014, when the companies combined Adobe Analytics and Primetime with Nielsen's digital audience measurement tools. So while the customer experience landscape grows more crowded, the confluence of new technologies means the customer--whether it's an individual or business--wins.
The technology can take you so far, but without knowledgeable and proactive members of staff to utilise its benefits, success can sometimes be limited.“We will deliver best practice training on three core system modules, Ticketing, CRM and Loyalty. At the Adobe Summit in Las Vegas, Adobe attempted to put a fresh spin on efforts to help businesses better engage and serve customers with a stable of new product rollouts and upgrades. Perhaps the suit maker knows about a customer's laptop but not his mobile phone and tablet. As well as operational capabilities, the students will be able to expand their knowledge of best practice strategies. We expect to see utilisation of the solution continue to improve and generate some exciting future case studies.”Students at UCFB will benefit during this academic year, with courses in Sports Ticketing, CRM and eCommunications running straight away.

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