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The YouTube Marketing Handbook is a valuable resource to any business looking to market online.
Marc Bullard has over 14 years combined experience in video production and online marketing. There is the way he holds himself, does he make eye contact, what is his or her facial expressions saying, are they being truthful, are they acting nervous or are they radiating confidence. Think about your favorite Youtube channel, if you have watched a lot of his or her videos you honestly may feel like you know the person personally. Because of this common mental wiring we all carry it is a common occurrence that many popular Youtube channel owners are often freaked out when attending their first live events. This also happens to many internet marketers who have heavily promoted via video when they attend large scale events and get togethers. The Cisco network has predicted that 80% of ALL consumer internet traffic will be generated from video alone by the year 2019. This is one of those unique opportunities that only come once, to jump on a trend and ride the momentum it offers.
I remember when blogging first took off, it was SO easy to make money and rank on Google if you had a blog. Right now video has the power to provide you with a massive increase of traffic and attention from your target audience.
If you know anything about lead generation, you know it’s important to balance programs across multiple channels. But there’s another avenue you might not have expected, which nevertheless plays an important role: podcasting. There are plenty of articles out there about how to craft podcast content — have good equipment, spend time on production, use tasteful music, and so on. Some scoff at the notion that something as tenuous as a podcast could drive measurable results.
If you expect your podcasts to generate leads the same way a webinar or an outbound call might generate leads, you’ll be disappointed. Once you build a realistic vision for your podcast, you’ll start to see its astounding potential and the numerous ways it can enhance B2B marketing. The proliferation of mobile technology has made podcasts an attractive, convenient alternative to reading (which, as we all know, is super boring).
In addition to qualitative value, podcasts can drive relevant traffic to your site, improve your search engine rankings, and funnel new contacts into your email list.
Because they either have the wrong vision to begin with, or they aren’t seeing enough positive results. As with mainstream content marketing, if you want to run a successful B2B podcast, you need to be able to air a substantial volume of episodes on a regular basis. Many brands choose a podcast format early on and use it as a template to create all episodes in a given series. Search-engine optimization (SEO) will help you attract some listeners, but isn’t strong enough on its own to build a stable audience. Instead, focus on educating and entertaining listeners at their current stage of the buyer’s journey. As your followers and advocates turn into inquiries and leads (which we’ll get to in a moment), then you can initiate the sales process. If your goal is to capture leads or list contacts, you’ll eventually have to ask people for their personal information. In most cases, you’ll either be asking them to visit your website, opt-in to an email subscription, or download a relevant piece of gated content (gated means it’s tucked behind a web form). One of the most powerful ways to drive new opportunities is to work your podcast into a larger account-based marketing (ABM) strategy. Your sales team can point you toward accounts that are high-value or a particularly good fit for your products and services. If your interview guests and target companies agree to share the podcasts with their own audience, even better. No marketing tactic, whether inbound or outbound, is designed to address the entire spectrum of lead generation.
Stay tuned (get it?) for more advice on ways to drive lead generation, such as product reviews, YouTube videos, and advocate marketing. Learn how to create a consistent marketing experience across every channel in your strategy. Internet Marketing for Bankruptcy Attorneys: Advertising Your Bankruptcy Law Firm Online Using a Website, Google, Facebook, YouTube, SEO, and More. Internet Marketing for Bankruptcy Attorneys slices through the confusion and shows you exactly how to successfully market your practice on the internet.
Most small business guides claim to be for entrepreneurs, but either talk over their heads or treat them like they have no business savvy. A global legal compendium of the laws related to advertising & marketing in 55+ countries around the globe. This handbook on the law and self-regulation applicable to sales promotion and direct marketing is written in a refreshing, jargon-free style, concentrating on basic principles.
Addressing a critical need, Advertising and Public Relations Law explores the issues and ideas that affect the regulation of advertising and public relations speech. Internet Marketing for Personal Injury Attorneys: Advertising Your Personal Injury Law Firm Online Using a Website, Google, Facebook, YouTube, SEO, and More.

Internet Marketing for Personal Injury Attorneys will show you how to utilize the internet to compete in the hyper-competitive world of personal injury law.
Advertising & Marketing Law is an authoritative, insider's perspective on the ins and outs of one of today’s most dynamic fields of law.
Over a conversation I had with a colleague, I realized that my biggest challenge in writing blogs was that I am not very personable. The foremost important aspect of writing a successful blog is to keep your readers’ attention. Using Real-life Experiences to Trigger Ideas Being that my career is to be social, I like to open with a personal reason why I chose the topic of the blog. Lists versus Stories Lists have become very popular in blogging and are encouraged in many company blog sites because numbers tend to achieve a higher click-through rate. Make it Yours (With a Little Research) It can seem very daunting when you are writing about a popular topic.
Create an Attention Grabbing Title My best advice is to wait until the end of your blog to think of the title. As with all social media, blogs are meant to create a personal relationship with your readers.
And as always the Design World Network of sites are optimized for mobile viewing on all mobile devices. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Video marketing is just in its infancy stage and you could be getting in on the ground floor. So, it is no big surprise that Youtube is the third largest website in the USA right behind Google and Facebook. You have seen him or her so often that you know their personality, what they like, what they dislike and how they may react to certain topics. We soak it right up, we feel we understand at a biological level who they are and if we should like or dislike them as a person. One of my good friends told me whenever he attends a public marketing event he is famous for a day. The person that likes you well enough to run up and hug you is also the kind of person that will buy from you not just once but over and over. Do not just say “hello, my name is (fill in the blank) and this is what I am selling, buy it”. All of those upcoming and rapidly expanding numbers are VERY good for you if you are already marketing via video right now. If the Cisco predictions are true and I believe they are, in just a few years time everyone will be making videos. If you are interested in learning how to do more effective videos I have compiled a list of video marketing tips and tricks you can use right away to increase your sales and conversions. A multi-channel campaign, properly constructed, will bring in a decent volume of leads at all stages of the funnel.
We’re going to assume you have the finer points down (if not, here’s a good resource from Convince and Convert). A professional ventriloquist probably isn’t going to listen to a lengthy discussion about cloud security. With that in mind, below we’ll discuss five best practices to help you maximize the lead generation potential of your podcasts. This helps turn one-time listeners into devoted followers who anticipate and share your content. Episodes in an “expert interview” series, for example, might each pose a question related to your industry and bring on a relevant thought leader for a 20-minute discussion. Unless you’re a household brand with a massive following, people won’t stumble upon your podcast and subscribe unless you make some investments in distribution. It’s a piece of content you can use to pull visitors into your larger content marketing structure, where they will hopefully find other opportunities to connect. Most inquiries that come from a podcast will be top-of-the-funnel, so your main objective is to build brand awareness and credibility.
Since podcasts are almost always free and open to the public, using calls to action effectively is essential.
For example, for a podcast episode called, “3 Trends Shaping the Future of Healthcare Technology.” the CTA offered a free research report on wearable technology. In a nutshell, that means you’ll be using your podcast to target decision-makers and influencers at companies that could be future customers. Then all you need to do is get in touch with the right people and invite them on your show — perhaps another “expert interview” in an area of overlapping interest. ABM podcasting is a great way for growing companies to build credibility, drive site traffic, and garner favor with desirable prospects.
We've already covered the first part of the Discovery Handbook, specifically Watch Time, and the YouTube Homepage.
Though my articles can be filled with both original and curated information, I think it is important to make it relatable. These non-Flash technology editions display the digital edition beautifully in the browser without the need for plug-ins or Flash. YouTube is the largest video sharing site online and second largest search engine in the world.

With Tom's knowledge and his own video production skill, Marc knows what is needed to market your products and services with video. When we go online we are usually first looking to be entertained and our second strongest desire is to be informed. When someone is in front of you speaking there is much more to pick up on than simple text can ever explain. They feel they know them so well they can just interrupt them and embrace them as an old friend. If you are marketing via video today you will have a head start on the competition of tomorrow. I am sure it will still be amazingly effective but the methods will have to change in order to compete with the new video heavy market.
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With high-quality content and the right marketing strategy, you can actually use B2B podcasts to capture new leads.
Instead, this post will focus on leveraging podcasts as a form of content in a larger lead generation strategy. Many of these same people are in your target audience: they’re working professionals looking for practical solutions to everyday challenges or for some way to distinguish themselves at work. Over time, a podcast can add up to a lot of unnecessary labor if you aren’t “working smart,” so keep your efforts scalable.
If you have the resources, you could even run more than one series at a time, with different formats depending on subject matter, length, intended audience, and interviewees. These calls to action should link to a well-designed landing page where the “ethical bribe” will take place: offer the prospect something of value in return for basic contact information. You can run this play live at networking events (conferences, trade shows, etc.) or remotely. Podcasting is a great way to improve brand awareness, connect with key prospects, and build a contact list for email nurturing. Telling someone they must use x-y-z to be successful is not as strong a statement as giving them a reason WHY x-y-z works. Experimenting with both techniques is a good way to find out what your readers turn towards and what you like to write about.
The digital editions can be viewed on any modern, web-enabled device, such as a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.
To put that into perspective the entire USA has a population of just under 319 million people.
By exploiting this opportunity, you can position your brand as a valuable resource and build the foundation for a lasting connection.
In the new Creator Discovery Handbook, there are a number of things that publishers should do to help their videos appear in the search results such as using the right titles, description, tags etc.
A creative mind never stops thinking; it’s easy to get off track in your blog when you touch on something that could stand alone. Instead of using the common “How to” try different variations like, “A guide to”, “DIY”, etc. The app pulls in real time articles, editorial and product news from across the entire WTWH Media network, forums and the recently updated video library. However, if the video is boring, or irrelevant to the YouTube audience, no amount of video optimization is going to help.Text-based metadata (titles etc) does help YouTube to get some context about your video, but as those features can be gamed, the site also takes a more holistic approach to ranking content, and a huge part of that is how the viewer engages with it.
No matter what level of video marketing skill you have, there's probably something in this book you've never known. Regardless of what you decide to teach your readers, make it understandable on a personal level. Based just to right of the video player, this feature offers a selection of video content based on your search history (if you are logged in), and the content you are currently watching. The site's algorithm takes into account whether those videos have been watched together by other viewers in a bid to foil spammers who use misleading metadata to place themselves next to popular contentRecommended Videos: This type of content is returned based on videos you have watched in the past. Please note that the magical 4 videos may take some time to appear, and some partners get way more than 4. There's no way to optimize your content to feature here, great videos will rise to the top based on a number of factors such as views, engagement, shares etc. Relevant videos will also appear in The Guide, which again, cannot be gamed.YouTube PlaylistsWe have touched on the importance of Playlists many times.
YouTube Playlists are particularly awesome as they mean that your videos have the potential to be indexed twice. Any user can add a video to a Playlist, which means that they can add your if they feel they are worthy.
Playlists get indexed, and they not only appear in the search results, but also can appear in 'Related Video' results.

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