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If you’re looking for a marketing tool that delivers long-lasting results, look no further than YouTube. Lest you think you’re not cut out for YouTube marketing, contemplate the numerous resources at your disposal. From our list of Tools for Youtube, Storygami lets brands add interactive overlays to their videos.
The Light Leak Effects app helps you tweak the appearance of your videos by adding a variety of lighting effects and filters. If you’re short on time and want to hire a professional to create your brand videos for YouTube, check out VideoPixie. If you want to put the power of influencer marketing to work for your business, check out FameBit. One powerful way to boost views on your YouTube videos and grow your brand’s social media following at the same time is to translate your videos into foreign languages.
Thanks to the ever-increasing number of handy tools, it has never been easier to extend your brand’s reach thanks to YouTube. YouTube has proven to be a valuable marketing tool for the boating industry…  and continued improvements in functionality only add to its appeal as a marketing platform.
YouTube is the perfect way for dealers to showcase new boats, for marinas to highlight their facilities or for marine businesses to demonstrate product and services. So basically at any point in your video you can add a high-impact card to improve video interaction and promote certain actions – like visiting your website for more info or promote specific merchandise. In these examples for SureShade, we chose to showcase the Carver Yachts brand gallery page in one card and then the full SureShade gallery page on a later card.
To set up cards go to the Video Manager of your YouTube channel and select the video you want to edit. Just like with YouTube annotations, you’ll want to select the desired time within your video to insert the promotion.
When you select to link to an associated site you can customize the teaser line, description and call to action (with character limits of course). Performance reporting for cards can be viewed in YouTube Analytics so you can decide which type of cards work best for engaging and driving action with your videos. Diane is a marketer, avid boater and author of the award-winning book PR Tools to Toot Your Own Horn. Can you be more specific as to how we could go about advertising our boats here to get maximum coverage.

WELCOME ABOARD!Marine Marketing Tools is a collaborative site dedicated to growing your business in the boating industry. As an ever-increasing number of customers are consuming video content on their mobile devices, YouTube is a must-use platform for savvy business owners. Thanks to powerful tools, you can now do everything from create custom videos to track audience interactions via YouTube analytics. Trim clips, add background sound, accent with a variety of shape overlays, tweak colors with numerous filters, and share your creations on YouTube, Vine, or Instagram. Combine multiple videos into one collage, add frames to each video, add text overlays, and complete your creation with background music.
Give your YouTube videos a vintage feel, add pops of light to give the effect of sun rays, or completely change the color of your videos for eye-catching creations that will stand out from other online video.
Create anything from full-length videos to memes and GIFS to share on YouTube, Vine, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.
With this powerful tool at your disposal, you’ll be able to do everything from monitor your audience interactions to track content trends. Their platform connects companies with social influencers on multiple video platforms including YouTube, Vine, and Instagram. YouTube offers an extremely helpful interface to add foreign language captions, sub-titles, and video descriptions.
This handy app offers details on everything from your video views to your subscriber count. While video marketing on YouTube might be a bit more time intensive than social media marketing on Twitter or Facebook, the rewards are definitely worth the effort. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers.
If you uploaded more than one card to your video then a user can scroll down to see them all. You can even choose the image that appears with the designated URL – or upload a different image option. We manufacture boats in India and are looking for a medium to advertise our product in India and abroad. Here we share cost-effective marketing tools, resources, strategies and best practice ideas exclusively for boat dealers, marinas, boat builders, marine suppliers, boating product manufacturers and boating service providers.
With conversion rate analytics and audience interaction tracking, Storygami makes it easy to get extra ROI from your video creations.

Insta Video Merger lets you zoom in on specific components of your video and change the speed of your videos too. If you want to grow your company’s following on YouTube, standing out from competitors is essential. Track audience interaction via Epoxy and interact with your top fans on multiple platforms.
Outline your project, review bids from prospective candidates, and choose the best professional for your job. Connect with influencers with large social media followings to help get your company in front of a wider audience than you could reach on your own. If your company hopes to grow internationally, adding YouTube translations to your video marketing strategy is highly recommended. Respond to comments on your YouTube videos, see which of your videos are the most popular with viewers, and adjust your YouTube ads from your mobile device. If you’re willing to put in the time, you can connect with potential customers around the globe and increase visits to your website at the same time. Not only can you find new customers for your company via YouTube, the video content you create can be repurposed in a multitude of ways. Using a variety of tools helps you make a great impression on viewers, who will hopefully subscribe to your YouTube channel. If you want to generate sales leads from your video efforts and not just increase your social media following, Brite Content is definitely worth investigating. After viewing the above-listed YouTube resources, do you think you’re ready to make a concerted effort this year to accelerate your YouTube marketing strategy? Thanks to video embeds, your YouTube videos can be used on your company’s blog, shared on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, and integrated into interactive infographics too. The potential of this social video network is just too big to ignore if you hope to grow sales for your company. By adding your website URL to the description of each video you upload, you’re driving visits to your site while entertaining viewers at the same time.

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