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During the pilot program, viewers will need to subscribe to channels using a desktop browser, although YouTube says they will be able to subscribe from more devices soon. Google is pushing ahead with its plans to launch a paid YouTube service by the end of this year.
On the flip-side, statistics suggest that this isn’t necessarily a big problem for YouTube. YouTube is thriving with its current ad-supported system, but anyone who visits the video streaming site on a regular basis may be tired of the pre-roll commercials. Wojcicki made it very clear that the site will still be free for anyone who doesn’t mind watching ads, noting that the company wants to offer multiple options to choose from. Jacob Kleinman has been working as a journalist online and in print since he arrived at Wesleyan University in 2007. As has been widely reported, the Web video giant is looking to providing its growing collection of content partners with another revenue option.
It remains to be seen how many big YouTube channels will opt to charge for content that has up until now been free and plentiful.

So far, it’s signed up YouTube partners accounting for more than 90% of it views, but major TV networks are still holding out. The challenge here is that most of them have signed deals with the likes of Netflix and Amazon for their television series. The company has over a dozen original series in the works, ready to go live next year with budgets up to $5 million each. Thankfully, the company says it may soon offer an alternative, though you may have to pay for the privilege. The future of YouTube could be similar to Spotify, which offers both an ad-supported free version and ad-free Premium accounts. Starting today, a handful of channels will test a subscription offering with prices starting at 99 cents-per-month. According to one Hollywood executive Adweek spoke to, programmers know they’ll take an audience haircut if they implement subscriptions. Fox, NBC and CBS (among others) are still holding back according to Bloomberg’s sources.

They’re free to upload their videos and keep them private, but if they want to make money, they have to be part of the paid offerings too.
To many networks, YouTube has historically just been a way to promote shows using short clips from individual episodes, rather than entire series. Music videos are a far bigger draw to YT than any network shows, and the company will continue to show official music videos as part of its paid and ad-based services. Many of these original shows will only be available to paying subscribers, just like Netflix and Amazon. Of course, it’s also possible we could see even more ads appear on YouTube once the company begins to offer a paid subscription tier.

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