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Need more evidence that Google’s YouTube earns income from pirates who upload (and monetize) films for which they don’t own the rights?
In another ironic twist to this pirated upload, the YouTube user posts this disclaimer “I do not claim copyrights. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Copyright NewsAlphabet Chairman Testifies in Oracle Suit Against Google May 11, 2016The right to use programming language is at issue in the latest round of a case filed nearly six years ago.
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According to BI Intelligence, the popularity of online video advertising is growing at a much faster rate than nearly all other advertising formats and mediums.
Coming up with clever video ideas is challenging—but why reinvent the wheel if you don’t have to? Here are five tactics that you can replicate to create unforgettable video ads for YouTube (even if you don’t have a giant marketing budget). Ad Council, a non-profit organization, nailed this strategy with this hugely popular ad promoting diversity and inclusion.
This ad, created by, seeks to draw awareness to the horrors of domestic abuse in Italy. Takeaway: Check out what other video advertisers in your industry are doing – then do something totally different.
Time and time again, we’ve seen that ads that stimulate emotions are highly impactful, and therefore incredibly memorable, to viewers. The options here are endless—we humans have quite the range of emotional triggers—all you need to do is pick the one you want to evoke and begin building a story to incorporate it. Takeaway: Think about what makes you emotional, whether it’s kittens or soldiers returning from war.
One of the best ways to create ads that resonate with viewers is to present a serious problem and then show them that, by supporting your business, they can help to turn it around. Now, Always products are nothing special and they’re priced pretty similarly to their competitors. Takeaway: If your business has a positive impact on the world – even if it’s just helping small businesses do their jobs better – highlight that in your YouTube ads. We’ve seen companies successfully utilize this concept of nostalgia to connect with people in many ways.
This ad uses a split screen tactic to simultaneously portray scenes of a woman doing housework in the 1960s and her grand-daughter doing the same tasks in modern times. Takeaway: Consider your target audience’s demographic – their age, gender, educational level, etc.
Come on, I know you’re wondering how the heck that cat learned to skateboard…and how he stayed on…yep, you won’t forget this ad for a while.
Sure, all of the videos above are from large companies who, presumably, spent a pretty penny to develop these ads. About Author   Rajkumar is an Electronic Geek, Partime Blogger & Founder of Techraju from India.
Interests and topics targeting can work for advertisers that have a huge budget, but these targeting options can drain their entire budget in just a few hours for smaller advertisers. Even the suggested strategy of using more than one targeting option at once to further narrow down the target base is still not enough to guarantee the ads are reaching the right audience.
Fortunately, there is still the placement targeting option which allows advertisers to pick YouTube videos or channels which they deem relevant to place their ads on.
As you can see from the search results, Tube Spy not only looks at the name of the video for query matches but also at the description and any additional information about the video. For example, the video Eenie Meenie does not have Justin Bieber in the name and description, but does states Justin Bieber is the artist, and is therefore caught by Tube Spy.
Apple has been quite consistent with its YouTube channel updates, as it tonight posts six new ads for the Apple Watch. Each of the videos showcases a specific facet of the Apple Watch, including navigation, messages, health tracking, and Apple Pay.
These are good small ads for commercials, a lot of Apple’s other ads are quite long so this is good for filling that gap. Why don’t you do without your useless gadget that stands in for a real brain and help save a life, or make the world a better place?

Update: A thread has been discovered on the Chromium project issue tracker detailing this as a bug that needs to be fixed.
Ad-blocking extensions are becoming increasingly popular on the Internet, and websites that rely on ads to fund their existence react in different ways. Multiple reports have appeared on Twitter that even with AdBlock enabled, YouTube is now able to show video ads. The tweak made by Google to allow the video ads to work regardless is thought to effect all ad-blocking extensions, not just AdBlock specifically.
Hacker Who Stole IDs and Scripts From Celebrities Pleads Guilty May 9, 2016Alonzo Knowles, 24, was arrested in December after he tried to sell unreleased scripts and the Social Security numbers of three professional athletes and a movie actress to an undercover agent. Il est vrai que l’audience de youtube est considerable et va continuer a croitre cette annee. Certain formats ne seront pas accessibles a tous mais les videos en preroll offrent selon nous encore une bonne opportunite en 2015 notamment sur le Trueview avec des CPV abordable sur le marche Francais. Depuis la creation des ses premiers sites web en 1998, Florent n'a eu de cesse de developper ses experiences dans le web en travaillant dans le secteur du e-commerce chez l'annonceur, puis en agence, jusqu’a devenir conferencier pour Google.
As more and more businesses adopt this method of marketing, YouTube is becoming saturated with AdWords video ads. The key is to create memorable video ads, the kinds of videos people want to re-watch and share.
I reviewed some of last year’s most popular YouTube ads to scout strategies that producers used to create incredibly memorable content. Think about it—how many grocery store ads have you seen that don’t feature a pretty, young mother wandering down the produce aisle filling her cart with delightfully low-priced items? They surprise people when they diverge from the norm and, if executed well, are entirely unforgettable. It features a group of young Italian boys who are asked a series of questions about their future.
Sure, it can be tough to incorporate emotional triggers in teensy, tiny text ads or static image ads, but video ads are a different story. A lonely, elderly man learns from each of his busy, grown-up children that their families won’t be visiting for Christmas this year. Not only did I sob hysterically as I watched this video, everyone I shared it with had a similar reaction. In the ad, they bring to light a serious issue—most girls’ self-confidence plummets during puberty. The truth is, people have an emotional connection to their past and enjoy reminiscing on it.
One recent prominent example is the AMC hit Mad Men, a period drama that takes place in the 1960s. Check out how OxiClean cleverly manages to connect with multiple generations in their ad below.
The set of the home in the ‘60s automatically evokes nostalgia for many viewers, as does the woman’s saddle shoes, pearl earrings and rotary telephone. They offer great opportunities for advertisers but at the same time it is difficult for advertisers to find the right audience to target their videos to. But to reach a decent number of viewers, a huge placement list is needed, like hundreds, and to pick them out manually one by one just doesn’t make much practical sense. Just like Google gives you a list of search results when you type in a search query, Tube Spy gives you a list of YouTube videos (including the urls) when you give it a search phrase. Type in the keyword you would like to target and choose the desired number of results you would like to receive. This follows up last week’s Apple Music Guided Tour video series, which itself followed new iPhone videos.
The six spots, which all last for about 16 seconds, provide quick glimpses into what makes Apple Watch special. I thought that was a clever showcase of the speech-to-text capabilities of the Apple Watch. Children are worked to death to put these trinkets together, it’s 2015 and you have access to the internet and still don’t know this?
All three of those companies are showing true innovation with their development of virtual reality headsets that pair with their smartphones. Some have added a tip jar, started a Patreon account, or simply show a message asking visitors to disable the ad blocker.
It gets worse, though, because Google has apparently disabled the skip option, meaning you are forced to watch the entire ad, which can be multiple minutes long.
Google updates services to circumvent ad blocking, and in return ad blockers issue extension updates to override Google’s changes and allow the ads to be blocked again.

Mais alors, Combien ca coute en 2015 de faire du preroll, Masthead ou de la chaine personalisee ? With this format, you have the opportunity to tell a story and incorporate both visual and auditory components to reinforce it. The video then cuts to each of the children getting word that their father has passed away. By developing a story that nearly all viewers could relate to, EDEKA ensured that this video would have an impact on just about anyone who watched it.
They interview numerous young women, who open up about the insecurities they experienced when they were younger and how they’ve overcome them.
By infusing advertisements with “blasts from the past,” brands can tap into these emotions, causing people to feel more favorably toward their products.
While the screenwriting and acting for this program was excellent, the key to its success was that it elicited feelings of nostalgia for many viewers – even people who weren’t alive then! Beyond that, watching her complete tasks like stuffing shoes with potpourri and scrubbing candlesticks with a toothbrush automatically propels you back in time.
Instead, try implementing some unique, quirky aspects that will help these ads stand out to viewers. When she’s able to take a break from paid search, you’ll find her practicing her hula-hooping skills or planning her next trip to Latin America.
I just got finished watching a movie on Netflix with my Samsung Gear VR on a virtual 120″ screen, while sitting in my office in real life.
Google, it seems, is taking more drastic action on YouTube and bypassing AdBlock completely. YouTube relies on ads to generate revenue that helps cover the cost of running all those video-serving servers. Just Not in Gucci Loafers May 4, 2016The luxury brand wants Hong Kong shops to stop selling cardboard replicas of its shoes, bags and other products to be burned as offerings to the dead. The problem with these generic ads is that they make little to no impression on the viewer. The couple finally comes out from behind the screen and the crowd is both shocked and delighted to see that both skeletons are women. Devastated, they all travel home for the funeral, only to discover that fully lit house with a table set for Christmas dinner.
The girls write their insecurities on cardboard boxes and are then pictured destroying the boxes. Even if the viewer wasn’t alive during that time period, these tasks are reminiscent of something their grandmother or mother may have done in their youth.
Whatever your budget, the best way to make your mark in the YouTube ad game is to create a narrative that truly connects with the audience. They’re followed by a series of different groups of skeletons dancing and interacting behind the screen, eventually revealing their identities to be inter-racial couples, kids with disabilities and without, gay couples with kids, families of mixed religions. Then, the narrator makes a horrendous pivot and tells the little boys to slap the girl, shocking both the boys and the audience.
Then they get an even bigger surprise—their father walks out of the kitchen, indeed alive and well, and says “How else could I have brought you all together?” The family then tearily embraces and sits down to enjoy an elaborate meal (no doubt, purchased at EDEKA) together. Showing potential customers that by purchasing your products they are promoting positive initiatives gives them added incentive to make a purchase (and feel good about it). On the right-hand side of the screen, we see the other woman completing the same tasks more quickly and easily, using modern-day products. They all present super weird, convoluted stories that just don’t seem to add up, causing you to walk out of the theater thinking “what the $%*# just happened?!” As a result, these movies stand out in our minds. It’s nothing revolutionary—strap a GoPro camera to a skateboarder and check out the sights. If ads are blocked, it has the secondary effect of YouTube not being a platform advertisers target.
Through this strategy, OxiClean depicts fond memories of the past whilst also demonstrating how far their products have come along. They now have a social justice warrior running things who cares more about pushing divisive social issues than innovating, while at the same time hypocritically using slave labor to manufacture Apple products.
Their reasoning includes everything from “I don’t want to hurt her” to “Jesus doesn’t want us to hit others” to “girls shouldn’t be hit, not even with a flower.” Not only does this ad shock the viewer by going from cute to horrific in minutes, the young boys surprise you with their clear compassion for others.
As for the Apple watch, Samsung is on their sixth watch, and the Gear S2 makes the Apple watch seem, frankly, embarrassing in comparison.

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