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To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. The new studio will help some of the most popular YouTube posters make their videos look more professional. YouTube is the leader of online video, sharing original videos worldwide through a Web experience. Note: If you are using Windows and want to Download and Burn YouTube Videos to DVD, you can refer to Video Converter Ultimate for Windows. You can trim and crop the added YouTube files and adjust the effects before burning YouTube videos to DVD on Mac OS X. This YouTube video to DVD burner for Mac allows you to create your own DVD menu with various built-in resources. After finishing all the editing, you can click the Preview button on the main interface to preview your DVD project.
After you choose the correct DVD disk and the suitable video quality, you can click the Burn button to convert YouTube video to DVD, burn YouTube video to DVD.
PEAPARMENTS  2012-07-16 19:51USE QUICKTIME PLAYER SAVE AS MOVE FORMAT THEN PLACE IN ITUNES THEN USE IDVD MAGIC DVD THEN BURN PROJECT. Panzoid is a simple online tool with more customization options to deliver an awesome piece of work. If you’re looking for some valuable tool for branding your YouTube channel then you should definitely add this tool in your arsenal. Fotor is a great website with powerful features that allows you to create professional looking banners.
If you’re looking for best alternative for Photoshop to create channel art then Gimp is the best choice. Hope you all enjoyed this post; you can try these best YouTube channel art makers to dress up your Channel pleasantly. We are a group of Tech Geeks, passionate about latest trends and we love to share our knowledge to world. August 5, 2013 By Jennifer Wagner 9 Comments If you enjoyed, please shareOn my recent visit to Google’s NYC office, we spent much of the time discussing YouTube. If there is a subject you want to learn about, there will be a video for it on YouTube Education. This group of YouTube education videos contains a variety of videos from a wide range of sources. Just as with Google Search, you can find out what is trending on YouTube at the YouTube Trends website.

For those of you that create videos, and never knew about the YouTube Creator Hub (I admit that was me until recently), you must check this out. Next Creator – A flagship development program designed to train and mentor the next big comic, chef, reporter, cause vlogger, etc.
Content Creation Tools – Google Analytics, YouTube editor, YouTube Enhance, Captions, Partner promotion, mobile distribution and advertising. First, how cool you got to go to Google’s Headquarters and 2nd, that is great idea to have a Google Edu Channel. I have tried burning these to a DVD+R DVD and none have worked on either the DVD player or a Play Station 3, does anyone knows of any way for me to get it to work or any other burning disks that should work. Click the Menu button on the bottom right of the main interface to edit the DVD's menu. Here you can grab an existing art design and add your images or text to it or you can create your very own channel art.
You can use either dark or light base templates or you can design an advanced layer that will hide the guide layers.
This software allows you to create responsive YouTube channel arts for all kind of platforms like mobiles, tablets, TV and laptops. In fact, it’s an online photo editing tool where you can either create your own banner or modify your pre-designed banner by customizing the overlays, wordings etc. YouTube has so much more to offer than just its home page where you can search for videos or subscribe to channels.
There are videos for primary and secondary education, college and university level and lifelong learning. Primary and Secondary education – Nearly a million teacher approved entertaining educational videos. It actually looks very different that Google Trends, mostly because YouTube trends is a blog. But have you thought about downloading videos from YouTube and watch them on your mobile players or share with your family members on your home DVD players TV Sets? With it, you can free download videos from YouTube and other online video sharing website such as Google video, Yahoo video, Hulu video, Myspace,vimeo and so on. You can design both layers separately then you can merge those layers to bring an excellent look. If you want to use the advanced tools from “CustomPage” then you’ve to upgrade your membership to premium. You don’t need to install any additional software, just log in to your account and start designing your arts.

Some of the schools with the most videos on YouTube are Khan Academy, MIT, UCBerkeley, Stanford and Yale.
There are videos from creators such as TedTalks, National Geographic, NASAtelevision, Animal Planet, Google Developers, Soul Pancake and Lonely Planet. I need to learn a lot about creating my own videos and I feel a little bit more comfortable searching for what I need after reading your post. What if you’re having a channel with no subscribes, first realize “A YouTube channel without subscribers is like a show without an audience” and if you upload a video it would quickly disappear before getting into fans. You can discover more customization options after you’ve uploaded your image, which helps to dress up your image properly. You can create as many layers as you wish; you can manage those layers with the help of layer box. This is one of the online professional editing tool that offers wide variety of stickers, graphics, fonts, backgrounds etc.
Designing a channel art is very simple; just choose the color, background pattern and built-in graphics so even noobs can create awesome channel arts in no time with it. I’m sorry that I left it out of my recent post on Websites to Keep You Learning and Thinking. The drag-and-drop feature allows you to customize the image easily and also you can test some demo tracks without affecting your previous works.
The advanced customization allows you to create stunning profile picture for your YouTube channel. I do like the recently added Map tab which shows videos that are most popular throughout the country AND by age.
Surprising, this tool is available for free and even you don’t need to register in their website to create YouTube channel arts. There are various styles available, just click what you want then customize the picture with their advanced tools. This thing alone not makes you successful in online market; you have to dress up your YouTube channel properly to keep your fans engaged.

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