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All of those tools are presented to you in the easy to use and intuitive interface that encourages you to experiment and find new and innovative ways to express yourself. In a significant philosophical shift, Google has added a basic video-editing system to YouTube, giving a new creative aspect to the video-sharing site. The YouTube editor isn't going to put Apple's Final Cut Pro or Adobe Systems' Premiere Pro out of business anytime soon, but the tool is useful. Google is arguably the biggest advocate of cloud computing, one variety of which shifts tasks that once were done on personal computers to Internet servers reached with a Web browser.
To use the video editor, drag the thumbnail views of your videos to the filmstrip at the bottom. You can preview a low-resolution version of the video, and once you're done, save it to your collection.
The new videos are added to your collection, with the usual options for titles, tags, sharing permission, and such. Given that you already can link to a segment that's a specific length of time through a YouTube video, the big innovation here is a user interface for selecting and trimming videos. Trimming videos is potentially a helpful option for videographers unhappy with boring and otherwise undesirable segments in videos.
I couldn't find a way to include others' video, which isn't a big surprise given the copyright issues. Via the unofficial Google Operating System blog.The interface includes an option to trim videos by dragging a slider from one end of the original video or the other. Hope the future version will bring more features and also function as a standalone Video editor.
Hello there there admin, That which you just prepared concerning YouTube introduces Cloud Video Editor – Black God right here certainly have me intrigued as much as the last term, i should say for you I hardly ever read the entire publish of weblogs as I often obtained tired in addition to fatigued of the gibberish that is offered to me on the every day foundation and just wind up looking at the photos along with the headlines and so on.
Follow meFor Firmware Engineers Digital Design FundamentalsThis is a series of post on Digital Design Fundamentals required for a Firmware Engineer. Recently I have been experimenting with the YouTube video editor and some HD video created with my Nikon D7000 digital camera.
The YouTube Video Editor is free to access and use to edit clips together if you have a YouTube account. If you upload some videos to your YouTube Channel you can view them and edit them together with the YouTube Video Editor using a variety of transitions and titling tools.

During experimentation with the system these features were tried out and 1080p HD video edited together. The YouTube video editor will handle video up to 1080p and will edit clips together with a variety of transitions, most of which I would not recommend for the majority of video work. Titling is simple but reasonably stylish if used carefully, though the choice of a single font and centre alignment of text does prove limiting if text goes onto two lines.
Video is created on Google’s own YouTube servers therefore rendering 1080p video quickly and without using your own computers resources which is valuable if you need to get on with other tasks and onlt have one PC. When adding a soundtrack to the edited 1080p sequence, the audio noticeably stuttered and restarted within the first 10 seconds which essentially made it unusable.
When using both fade transitions and audio an internal server error occurred when I tried to publish the video. The YouTube video editor provides a useful tool for those people who want to create video but do not necessarily have the processing power to deal with the high volumes of data used when processing HD. During the entire editing process you don’t need to worry about file sizes, formats and upload times. With Google Docs, Google's acquisition of online photo editor Picnik, and now editing YouTube videos, it's clear Google's vision for cloud computing extends well beyond consuming content but to creating it as well. Hovering your mouse pointer over a thumbnail at the bottom will produce a scissors icon; clicking on it will let you trim the beginning and end of a video. Saving is fast, because the videos are already uploaded, but it can take some time for YouTube to process the result.
It's a pain to edit videos, but it's also a pain to predict when the choice moment will come when recording the school play. But other avenues for improvement are possible--perhaps slideshows of images created at Picasa, or image stabilization to reduce camera shake, or technology to improve video quality. However your tag-line along with the first sentences were remarkable and it instantly obtained me hooked. I created a Simcoemedia YouTube account and channel for my video portfolio and a hidden channel called VisualSnippet for my experimental videos. In addition you can add a soundtrack and even incorporate creative commons video to add additional clips appropriate to your narrative.
However, having used the fade and horizontal wipe to join clips these provided some useful alternatives to cutting clips directly.

With a bit of patience a suitable soundtrack can be found for the majority of circumstances. The final part of the fades on 1080p video noticeably seemed overcompensate on the bright areas of the video creating a distracting oversaturation on bright areas just prior to completely fading.
This occurred on all attempts until the music track was removed and only the original audio used. Clients include Loughborough University, Greenbarnes Ltd, Via Mat International [Switzerland], Torse Ltd as well as individuals such as Kristan Bromley, Skeleton Bobsleigh World Champion and Gordon Giltrap. Though already a few video editors I have seen online, this one is damn simple to use and integrated with YouTube. This should help a Firmware Engineer to effectively understand Hardware Micro-architecture documents from Design team.Featured Sections DE0-nano FPGAThis section features posts on DE0-nano FPGA Kit based projects. These hidden videos give me opportunity to try out some of the YouTube features without the risk of interfering with a channel I use as a portfolio of Simcoemedia commercial productions. As audio makes up a significant proportion of the video experience, it is worth spending time selecting the best track. Audio can be added once the clips have been edited together but this is not clear during the main editing processes. Your only job is to be creative, and use powerful YouTube Video Editor tools to bring your imagination to life. But downside is, it is not just a standalone application, it is a feature of YouTube, so that we can edit our video in YouTube with a huge collection of Audio libraries also.
This kit has Cyclone IV E series FPGA with 32MB SDRAM, 40 Pin GPIOs, Accelerometer, AD Converters, built-in LEDs and Switches, etc. It supports some very basic features only like Combining multiple videos in YouTube, cutting scenes in a video and Adding an audio track. Its support for standard linux stack and GPIOs makes it easy to implement any embedded system protocols.

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