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Wednesday, July 24th YouTube announced they had added one-click embeddable Subscribe buttons to offsite pages, allowing users to subscribe to a company or individual’s channel without visiting YouTube. ClickZ put together a list of rules for turning data into insights and stories, below are some of the highlights. Make it real. You audience something familiar to think about when you are explaining new concepts. Context is king. There is a lot of data out there, so give your audience enough context to help them understand why they should care about your data. After Chipotle spokesperson, Chris Arnold, admitted to Mashable that the hack was a hoax, he reported that Chipotle added 4,000 followers that day, versus the normal rate of 250 followers per day. Victoria Fortnum is a Marketing Services Associate at PointRoll, responsible for pre-sale and post-sale support.
Sign up to get the latest news from PointRoll-- including our monthly newsletter and product announcements and event invitations. For last year's Super Bowl ads, Facebook video accounted for less than 1 percent of online views while YouTube dominated with 94%.

Posting video on Facebook paid off big time for several advertisers, including Budweiser, whose "Lost Dog" commercial was the most viewed ad of Super Bowl XLIX. Super Bowl XLIX showed that brands need to start taking Facebook seriously when it comes to video, Shin said.
The change is a part of YouTube’s effort to encourage more users to subscribe to more channels.
For example, “45 million users, up from 35 million last year, with 90 percent of the new users accessing our content via mobile” is a lot more powerful than “We have 45 million users”.
Don’t manipulate your audience by giving them data that came from an all time high or coming from a small sample size. Facebook also reported that it now has 819 million monthly users, a 51% jump from the same period in 2012. She is passionate about the digital marketing landscape and keeping up with industry trends.
That work paid off Sunday as the social network accounted for 25% of all Super Bowl ad views, showing that Facebook is beginning to drastically cut into YouTube's lead in the online video market.

Though the German company's "Fable" commercial had the eighth most online views for this year's Super Bowl ads, Mercedes-Benz posted it on YouTube but not Facebook.
The charge for using a toll free number is paid by the called party (the toll free subscriber) instead of the calling party.
Prior to joining PointRoll, Victoria served as the Director of Digital Public Relations and Events for a digital marketing consulting firm.
Victoria graduated from Arizona State University with a bachelor’s degree in Communications and minor in Media Analysis from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism.

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