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Does that mean in order to have a successful, viral video, you have to join a university course?
If you want to learn more about viral content in general for people who have generated it several times, I would check out this excellent slideshow by Upworthy.
Movies are the most engaging content on the YouTube platform and there will be at least more than 20 new movie releases across different languages daily. Generally the Trailer can be prepared some of the combination of the excellent shots within the movie in order to raise the interest and curiosity in the audience which helps them to acquire the audience attention.
The introduction of new actor or actress or inter viewing their experience during the working on the movie can raise the audience curiosity and can works well in marketing.
Many people just go to theaters to have some relaxation with entertainment ad many of them don’t like to waste their valuable time and money for the movie which didn’t suits their taste.
YouTube just launched a new audio library featuring plenty of free tracks that you can download and use in your videos.
The new free music library features 150+ high quality royalty-free instrumental tracks for you to choose from.
Adding one of these tracks to your video adds personality and makes your video more up-beat for the viewer. Ultimately adding background music to your videos makes your videos a better quality and this will help you more easily achieve your YouTube marketing goals. Grab a free copy of our eBook 50 Powerful Ways to Turn Your Passions Into Profits With YouTube.
For Powerful Marketing Secrets that help you get more traffic, leads, and sales Grab a copy of my FREE marketing ebook. Garin Kilpatrick is a father, marketing strategist, adventurer, renegade, the author of every post on this blog, and the founder of Empower Media Inc. Create a separate channel for your Ecommerce store by creating best background, titles, description of the channel while creation. By using the Google AdWords, you can make your video searchable in the search engines which can helps you to increase the visibility levels.
Create product videos by explaining your products and the services to the viewers in a different interesting ways and capture their attention.
The audience can click on to the URL to know more about your ecommerce store if they like your videos on Youtube. Everyone wants something that will go viral, whether they are just posting on the web for personal reasons, trying to bring attention to something important like a cause or event, or a business hoping to boost sales using the power of the internet.
If YouTube has taught us anything, it is that everyone has something to show us, but most of it isn’t worth watching.
That’s right folks, in the end the only thing you can do is up your chances of being seen and enjoyed. It isn’t specifically about videos, but it is still very helpful for anyone who wants a thorough explanation of the viral phenomenon.
These days the movie makers are also focusing on the promotions and marketing their film before and after the release of movie to increase their audience towards their movie.
The shooting videos can attract the audience as the audience love to know what is behind the screen about their favorite actors and actress in movies.

The audience talk can be an asset to the movie which can be filmed and uploaded on to the platform. YouTube videos has good ranking on major search engines especially on Google search engine. Include appropriate AdWords in the description and the video titles and tags which can helps you more. Il devient ainsi un media inevitable pour les entreprises desireuses d’augmenter et diversifier leur communication sur les reseaux sociaux. There are even university lectures dedicated to the topic, teaching a new generation of students how to capitalize on the value of viral content in any industry.
You have to be certain that what you are creating is good enough to gain popularity on a massive, global scale. While this does increase your likelihood of being featured on the front page, or as a featured video, it doesn’t mean your video is viral.
The competition has already started in this category also and movie makers are planning their launches, teasers, trailers etc in an innovative way to approach the audience.
YouTube curates quality videos for its users basing on the relevancy and the quality as the main considerations. First of all, it is against YouTube’s terms and conditions to do this, so you run the risk of penalty. Film makers are using the short teasers with one minute length and launching them on YouTube platform to make their movie name as viral word across the platform. So, it is important to maintain the relevancy and the quality of your videos to get identified among the millions of YouTube videos on the YouTube platform. Your video has to be the optimal quality in everything from equipment (a good camera, mic and editing program are musts), to the content itself. But not being aware enough to the needs of your target audience, and instead thinking you know best, is not such a good thing. Second, a viral video is something that has been launched into the mainstream through force of people’s reaction.
Ecommerce YouTube marketing was in practice by some millions of Ecommerce stores with a variety of videos and ads. You should follow trends, try to be timely, and focus on what is going to be entertaining to a specific group of people.
There is an emotional element that drives it forward, whether it sparks someone’s humor, their sentimentality, their pain or their interest.
Va-t-elle regrouper toutes les videos en rapport avec votre entreprise ou seulement une partie? It means more than clicks, and just having a lot of views won’t make it any more shareable. Sometimes there will be one thing that just hits them right with the perfect gut shot, and they will respond with enough passion to drive your video into infamy. Par exemple, les videos au format .flv apparaissent souvent comme floues une fois chargees sur Youtube. Youtube propose generalement une selection de 4 miniatures au telechargement de chaque video.

Mots-cles, mots-cles, mots-cles!Les descriptions de vos videos sont ce qui permettra aux utilisateurs de Youtube de les retrouver.
Au-dela, il faut que l’utilisateur clique sur un lien pour afficher la description complete. Cliquer sur un lien demande un effort supplementaire et de nombreuses personnes risquent de ne pas le faire. De plus, les mots-cles soigneusement places dans les 180 premiers caracteres sont plus facilement reperes par le moteur de recherche!
Il est donc crucial d’exprimer l’essentiel de la video dans ces 180 premiers caracteres! Comme lorsque vous redigez un article dans un blog WordPress, il faut mettre des mots-cles dans un champ special. Attention: evitez au maximum de repeter les mots-cles compris dans le titre de la video et la description en 180 caracteres, Youtube a tendance a penaliser une proliferation du meme mot-cle.
Si vous avez une video sur l’elevage des poules en Basse-Normandie et que vous mettez une video sur une fille qui boit du vernis a ongles dans les annotations, on risque d’avoir du mal a voir le rapport!
Dans ce cas il convient de choisir les videos que vous souhaitez mettre le plus en avant et les mettre en double en priorite.5. Youtube est une interface avant toutYoutube doit interagir avec le reste du contenu de votre entreprise! N’hesitez donc pas a faire figurer un peu partout les liens vers des pages telles que votre site web, votre page Facebook, votre compte Twitter, Linkedin, votre blog, etc. Articles similaires Noms de domaine expires : qualification et utilisation Spamtrap : attention danger ! Comment resister a se lancer quand une simple video (parfois ridicule!!) peut creer le buzz ou lancer une carriere. Il est d’ailleurs bon a savoir que YouTube detecte les videos similaires (meme contenu, meme duree).
Au final si j’ai bien compris, le parametrage de sa chaine Youtube ressemble etrangement au parametrage d’un blog ou site internet avec les descriptions, mots-cles et liens! Repondre Naturellementb3 aout 2013 a 16:26Bonjour, je tiens juste a apporter une information supplementaire !
Il se trouve que lorsqu’on est youtubeur on peut aussi choisir la photo que l’on veut en miniature ! Adieu les miniatures choisies par youtube au hasard ou on a un ?il ouvert et la bouche grande ouverte. L’avenir du referencement naturel en 4 points Merci beaucoup Sophie :) L’avenir du referencement naturel en 4 points Bonjour Jennifer,Merci beaucoup pour votre commentaire.
En effet, [Infographie] Google Adwords - 7 Conseils pour mettre en place une campagne a succes Et ben dis donc, cela a l'air vraiment interessant.

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