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The video content have become key elements in any strategy of online marketing and communication. Although in recent months Facebook has experienced tremendous growth, Youtube is still the leader as a platform for viewing videos. That is why to achieve that our videos are displayed in the top positions of the Youtube search engine results to a particular keyword; we can generate a high volume of traffic to our channel and a large number of visualizations of our content. In addition, the best positioned videos are also shown in the results of Google, both on its home page and the videos tab. As in the SEO for Web, the first step should be to select those keywords for which we want to position. It is very interesting to analyze the videos that are best positioned for the keywords that interest us. In this section we need to explain in the most detailed way of our video subject, always including the keywords. Within the basic information of our video, besides the title and description, we can provide tags, which are keywords for which we want our video to be identified.
While it can be somewhat more laborious, transcribing our video and create subtitles will help us to better position.

The number of subscribers to our channel is another factor that is taken into account for our videos reach better positions.
It is advisable to get external links to our video, either through direct links from other Web sites or having embedded videos in portals. Although it may seem obvious, Youtube takes into account the number of video views when positioning them. And as with the number of views, Youtube also takes into account this metric, which indicates the percentage of users who see our video completely and how many stop to seeing it before it is finishes. We show you the main factors that are taken into account to position a video on this platform. It must be eye-catching and attractive, describe in a few words the video content and must include the main keyword by which we want to position. The first 2 lines are especially important, as these appear in the snippet on Google results. We recommend analyze the category of videos that are best positioned for a particular keyword. YouTube may better understand the contents of the same and in addition this content can be indexed by the Google search engine, so it is interesting to add subtitles manually.

If we emphasize on the rest of videos, ours will receive more clicks and improve its positioning. To improve this data we suggest embed the video on our website, as this form will have a major diffusion. We therefore recommend choosing a good name, fill in the description, upload a header image, etc.
The keyword it is desirable to appear at the beginning of the title, far to the left as possible.
Furthermore, it is appropriate to include in this field the address of our website, because the link may be pressed. This information is not shown to the user to visit the video, can only be seen from the edition.

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