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Earlier this week, Google announced that Psy’s insanely viral YouTube music video, Gangnam Style, officially broke the 2,147,483,647 view barrier. Considering the last time I watched Gangnam Style it was still in the measly 200 million view range, I was pretty shocked when I heard that it had recently broken 2 billion views. Of course, the list above slightly favors older YouTube videos like Charlie bit my finger that were posted almost a decade ago. As YouTube continues to grow, it will become increasingly common to see view counts in the billions.
Seeing as youtube’s total viewership has grown over the years, it might make sense to average the fractions of total youtube views that each video was responsible for during each month of it being available. In addition to what the author said, many Asian countries have their own video and music sharing services (e.g. Haha I’m in programming I right now, and I happen to understand why 64-bit is necessary after Gangnam Style had broken the record!
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Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Considering that "Gangnam Style" was still in the measly range of 200 million views when I most recently watched it, I was pretty shocked when I heard that it had recently broken 2 billion views.
AnA estimated 3 billion peopleA around the world a€” roughly 40% of the world's population a€” were expected to be connected to the internet by the end of 2014.
Of course, the list above slightly favors older YouTube videos like "Charlie bit my finger" that were posted almost a decade ago.
Rihanna earned the title this past weekend after she surpassed Lady Gaga with 2,044,728,691 views.

Although Rihanna's stats are staggering, the title of most-viewed artist on YouTube overall is still held by teenage heartthrob Justin Bieber who has 2,275,845,406 views. As previously reported, last year the 23-year-old singer joined the Beatles, Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, Madonna, the Supremes and Whitney Houston in the exclusive 11 No.
It’s another installment of the weekly Tubefilter Chart of the Top 50 Most Viewed YouTube Channels Worldwide and a very familiar channel all about toys for kids is at the top. The YouTube home of Alyssa, David, Zac, Chris, and Michael’s fun antics had a particularly great week on YouTube thanks to a steady output of home videos featuring kids having a great time. All in all, the top 50 most viewed YouTube channels accounted for 2,137,485,684 views last week.
Brazil, Ireland, Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Spain, Sweden, Thailand: 1 channel each in the Top 50. As always, keep up to speed with the latest Tubefilter Charts and all of our news at Tubefilter by following us on Twitter, becoming a fan on Facebook, and watching our videos on YouTube. Gangnam Style has almost as many views as the number of people who have access to the internet, worldwide, and it’s still growing. To give a better idea of the momentum that these videos have, I sorted the top 30 videos by the average number of views they received per day since the day they were posted.
1 174 066 views at the time of writing this, that makes an average of 293516,5 views per day. However my teenage daughter balances things out in this out in this household, she’s probably seen at least half of them, and likely more than once. If there’s no possibility of negative numbers (and if the language supports it) you should use an unsigned type. Generally, I write about data visualization and machine learning, and sometimes explore out-of-the-box projects at the intersection of the two.
The only artist to even come close to Psy is Katy Perry, but her three top-30 videos don't even add up to Psy's biggest hit.

Katy Perry's "Dark Horse" and Enrique Iglesias' "Bailando" a€” both posted in early 2014 a€” have managed to maintain the same "view count momentum" as "Gangnam Style." Meanwhile, we see that oldies like "Charlie bit my finger" are really just resting on their laurels and will most likely fall into YouTube obscurity by next year. But "Gangnam Style" still holds the bragging rights for being the first to "break" YouTube. Since the release of her fifth and latest album, Talk That Talk, the Bajan singer has averaged more than three million views a day.
By providing one consistent measure of quality – the SlateScore™ – OpenSlate helps marketers, producers and agencies hone their online video marketing strategy. Shakira, Don Omar, Michel Telo, and Enrique Iglesias’ videos are all from South America and in Spanish.
Bollywood soundtracks and Faye Wong are also not as popular world-wide as some of the items on the list above. The folks at Google never suspected a video would exceed 2 billion views until "Gangnam Style" came along, essentially meaning that "Gangnam Style" is single-handedly responsible for forcing the Google team to upgrade YouTubea€™s view counter to a 64-bit integer encoding.
Also, her Loud tour last year grossed $90 million, topping some of the biggest pop acts in the country including Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. The folks at Google never suspected a video would exceed 2 billion views until Gangnam Style came along, essentially meaning that Gangnam Style is single-handedly responsible for forcing the Google team to upgrade YouTube’s view counter to a 64-bit integer encoding. Moore's research lab, he studies biologically-inspired AI and its applications to biomedical problems.

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