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AdFreak is a daily blog of the best and worst of creativity in advertising, media, marketing and design. Zappos Culture Book should be mandatory reading in every undergraduate business class, MBA, and leadership program. Read this book to your kids at night, and I swear they’ll tell people “When I grow up, I want to work at Zappos!” This is no fairy tale – Zappos is for real. So far, I am only a few pages in but I plan to read the entire 2009 Culture Book going from department to department. Zappos is one of those companies that gets thrown around whenever social media case studies come up. Let’s take a look at what Zappos has done over the past couple years in our last social media example, number 26. This is also a great way to cross promote the various Twitter accounts the company has, such as the Zappos CEO account which has well over 1 million followers. If you peruse over to the Zappos Facebook account you will see once again, a company who understands social. For the most part Zappos is doing a good job of engaging its users via their Facebook account.
The above example shows how Zappos is using a contest to increase email and user signups with the site.
We have done this in the past for some of our clients at Ignite, and it has proven to be an effective way to get more subscribers, fans etc.
I have a feeling you will see more e-commerce shops like Zappos in the future arming their customers with badges to show their appreciation. One of the major problems you typically hear about companies like Zappos and what they are doing, is that it doesn’t relate to you as a company.
Across all ages and cultures, time off was absolutely number one,” according to Cindy Ventrice, author of Make Their Day! We recently changed our vacation policy [at Evernote #81] to give people unlimited vacation, so they can take as much time as they want, as long as they get their job done. Employees at Element212 (#777) get three weeks vacation to start and their wedding anniversary day off.
If unlimited vacation is not incentive enough, after five years of working for Red Frog Events (#796), employees are rewarded for their loyalty with a four-week, full-paid trip to Africa, Asia, Europe or South America for them and a friend.
Bain & Company (#715) offers several opportunities for employees to take a break from demanding roles to help them sustain long-term careers at Bain.
Bank of Canada (#683) allows employees to work on exchange with other central banks and finance organizations.
Kimpton (#6) is in the business of pampering guests, and it doesn’t skimp on its staff, either. Every seven years, designer Stefan Sagmeister closes his New York studio (#461) for a year long sabbatical to rejuvenate and refresh their creative outlook.
The Alcool NB Liquor (#676) offers a self-funded leave program that lets employees defer a portion of their salary and take extended time off for up to one year with pay.
Media Temple (#216) is a web hosting and software application services company.  After only your third year of service, you are eligible to take a full month of paid vacation to renew and rejuvenate efforts. The biodmedical software provider 5AM Solutions (#254) offers eight weeks of vacation after ten years of service, the ability to telecommute at least once a week, and three paid days a year to volunteer. The Green Goldfish Project is a quest to find 1,001 examples of marketing lagniappe for employees. The third inch on the 9 INCH journey to the heart of your employees involves Workplace Wellness. So his South Florida company, which does public relations for the consumer electronics industry, offers employee benefits such as an on site gym, as well as fitness classes and reimbursement for athletic competition entry fees. At Kahler Slater (#697), a Milwaukee-based architectural design firm, employees have access to health coaches and risk assessments.
Encourages employees to consider alternative transportation, Nature’s Path Foods (#641) offers $500 each year to spend on physical activities, such as the purchase of a new bicycle for commuting and supports employees with secure bike storage and onsite shower facilities. I was intrigued by the Green Goldfish Project, and wanted to tell you about a unique Wellness benefit  at Gentle Giant Moving Company (#778), a small business based in Boston. Alterian (#164) pays 99% of the premiums and covers the deductibles of its medical plan and gives employees a $50 monthly health stipend that can be used for health club memberships, vitamins and such. Kashi (#404)offers  employees health-insurance discounts for competing in sports leagues and a $400 stipend to spend on “natural healthy-lifestyle” products like a surfboard or cooking classes. Groups of employees at Root Learning (#199) gather for yoga every Thursday evening in the company lobby.
Beyond building design and construction projects at Clayco (#320), many employees build toned bodies in a decked-out gym—complete with a personal trainer on the payroll.
This is a place where you want to perform as well as you can, because you want to work for a company that takes care of you,” says IT director Tom Dutton. As part of its employee support network, the fast-growing energy company NuStar (#10) makes the corporate jet available in times of crisis. The second inch on the 9 INCH journey to the heart of your employees involves Transparency and Openness. I recently watched a video from Dave Hitz of NetApp on what it takes to become a great workplace. Vineet Nayar, CEO of HCL Technologies touched on Trust in his bestselling book, Employees First, Customers Second.
Transparency ensures that every stakeholder knows the company’s vision and understand how their contribution assist the organization in achieving its goals. It ensures that every stakeholder has a deep personal commitment to the aims of the organization.

In a knowledge economy, we want customers to be transparent with us, to share their ideas, their vision and their strategies for solving core problems. If you can see the dirt, you will be much more likely to get rid of it.  A transparent house has a dramatic effect on the culture inside. Brazil’s Semco is a great example of a democratic open environment with minimal hierarchy. Semco believes that it is important to meet people interested in working with it, even if this interest is not immediate or there are no current opportunities. This led them to create the program – Date Semco (#195). At Flour Bakery + Cafe (#136), none of the bakery manager offices have doors, and all have anonymous suggestion boxes.
Doug Conant, former CEO of Campbell Soup Company (#248) took purposeful steps to being visible and promotion good health at Campbell’s. Everyone at the Max Borges Agency (#714) has the ability to discuss anything with anyone at the agency, where its “do not knock” policy is taken seriously. The DRP Group (#433) recognizes long hours working on videos, events, print and digital productions. David Martin Agency (#298) “We are different from other companies in our industry as we are salaried.
The rapidly growing Belvedere Trading (#165) gives both traders and its information technology staff opportunities to share ideas and take on new roles.
If Integrated Project Management Company (#547) exceeds its monthly profit targets, all employees receive the same bonus amount, regardless of position. Wenck Associates (#312) is a 100 percent ESOP-owned company, backed by robust contributions to the plan and has enjoyed healthy growth to the value of the company stock. Follow us as we celebrate (and skewer) the latest, greatest, quirkiest and freakiest commercials, promos, trailers, posters, billboards, logos and package designs around.
It’s a beautifully designed and produced book, supplemented with color photos and captions that capture the true spirit of Zappos. But, this isna€™t always the case as some agencies and consultants in the industry understand the power and importance of holistic social efforts, and Zappos is a perfect example of a company that thinks holistically.
Since June 2007, when Zappos joined Twitter, they have pushed their employees to embrace new media technologies and become active on those platforms. I am sure Zappos already ranked pretty well in the search engines, but this sort of link development can only help the entire site garner more search traffic and subsequent sales. Engagement of their followers is very high, with daily status updates on the page with either questions or sharing of internal Zappos activities. However, there is still room to grow with their account – something just seems missing from it overall.
At Ignite, we’ve found that YouTube can create great ROI, ita€™s just a matter of finding the right hook and empowering your customers to get creative. If you click on the a€?add from address booka€™ above you can pull in contacts from various services such as your Google, Yahoo or MSN account, which makes it easy to find the person you are interested in sharing the page with. It is easy to see the amount of work and effort it takes to pull off the social efforts that they have employed. If you want to take time off, talk to your team, but we’re still measuring you on the same thing, which is, did you accomplish something great?
We had to modify it slightly because one of the first things I started worrying about is whether people would actually take less vacation. New Belgium Brewery (#392) rewards employees with a trip to Belgium with cofounder Kim Jordan on their 5th anniversary. Anderson (#273) enjoy an all expense paid trip to one of the Seven Wonders of the World for their ten-year anniversary. These include externships, in which employees can enrich their business knowledge by taking up to 6 months to work for another company, and leaves of absence.
The San Francisco-based operator of 55 luxury boutique hotels—including three in Manhattan—provides one-month paid sabbaticals to managers and executive chefs who have been with the company for seven years. Deloitte offers four unpaid weeks off to do whatever they wish, and three to six months (yes, months) of partially paid leave to volunteer or pursue a career-enhancing opportunity.
Little extras designed to support healthy behavior in the workplace and improve health outcomes. Kailo, an ancient word meaning whole, pulls into balance all aspects of health and well-being, including social, emotional, spiritual and physical elements.
Individuals who meet health goals are rewarded with a discount of $720 off their annual health premiums.
We have John Zimmer, an in-house chiropractor and renowned Cross Fit trainer that works every day with movers, office staff, and executives in the custom built Cross Fit gym right inside of our warehouse. And after squeezing a quick workout into the day, they can shower off in bathrooms stocked with hairspray, Tums, mouthwash, floss and more. Trainer and wellness director Brian Imholz believes he’s the only full-time trainer in the country with such a job.
But he began regularly hitting the gym, drawing inspiration from quotes by Einstein and da Vinci painted on the company’s walls. In 2010, when an employee working on a construction project in the Caribbean needed medical attention for a pre-existing ailment, NuStar jetted him back to the states to see his personal physician. Through this program, founded by doctors affiliated with Harvard Medical School, you can consult with some of the world’s top specialists to gain the insight and additional information needed to help confirm diagnosis and choose an appropriate treatment.
Working in a environment without transparency is like trying to solve a jigsaw puzzle without knowing what the finished picture is supposed to look like. They post their life stories in public domains; they expect nothing less in their workplaces.
Why would customers be transparent with us if we don’t trust employees enough to be transparent with them. Semco’s employees going through a phase in which they would rather work less and lower their pay accordingly, the company does its best to adapt.

This encourages collaboration and eliminates the need for managers to track time spent by employees at their desk. Taking that one step further, the company recently sponsored a four week in-office communications course that was taught during regular business hours. By removing the commission-based compensation usually found in this industry, it allows all of us to enjoy the success of the individual performances.
ING Direct (#38) stands up to protect their employees. The bank has an operating strategy based on a strong, effective culture is selective of prospective customers. There is a single set of targets and every employee is rewarded with the same percentage of his or her salary. The ESOP program and contributions provided are differentiators that helps attract and retain members. From a financial performance standpoint, we have an open book policy and share financial information with employees monthly and at events throughout the year. The book includes Zappos core values, a brief time line of the company’s 10 year history, and, most important, what the people who live the Zappos culture have to say about it. If there are lots of people discussing your brand then that tends to convey a strong level of legitimacy.
It is not a coincidence that Zappos has turned its link acquisition into overdrive since doing so.
Since Zappos encourages their employees to be social, there is never a shortage of content. If you use Amazon you can simply save the item to your wish list, or in this case, you can share the page with a friend using Zappos’ share feature integrated on every page.
I understand that there are probably more benefits and greater value to have one more registered site user than a Facebook fan for example, but I still feel there are ways they could make this contest more social. The key to really pulling this off, and what Zappos has done such a good job of, is training social tactics at the employee level like their Twitter aggregation page and their employee Facebook activity and YouTube uploads.
Lorang is checking his email in the shot. Not surprisingly, employees said they loved having the company pick up the tab for their vacations. Frankly, we want to treat employees like adults, and we don’t want being in the office to seem like a punishment. I don’t want people not to take any vacation because that’s just bad for them, and it’s bad for me. In addition, the firm sponsors a Wellness Committee that creates promotional and competitive activities to keep its 125 employees engaged. Reebok (#4) took this to the next level in 2010 by converting a brick warehouse at Reebok’s headquarters into an employee exclusive CrossFit “box’’ or workout center, with six coaches and extensive equipment [named CrossFit One].
Our company has always focused on strength and fitness, but over the past few years, John has helped ingrain it even further in our company culture. The company also dispatches the plane when needed to send employees to support a coworker in need — flying employees from headquarters, say, to support a colleague in another location who had a death in the family. For employees with the lowest annual salaries, the firm covers the majority of health-care costs. According to CEO and co-founder David Clarke, all offices recognize a fairly strict 9-to-6 work schedule. They are a throwback to the modest Calvinist period when subtle expressions of wealth, such as being able to afford to pay the highest window tax, were favored by the rich.
According to British management guru Charles Handy, “The way he works — letting his employees choose what they do, where and when they do it, and even how they get paid — is too upside-down for most managers. There’s no business plan or company strategy, no two-year or five-year plan, no goal or mission statement, no long-term budget. To educate its employees, Semco has even created cartoons to help explain the financial data. Meeting outside the office and getting physical helps eliminate the nerves and intimidation employees might normally experience when connecting with higher-ups. Wenck provides a “self-directed training account” program, which allows employees to obtain additional development and training throughout the year to further their education and chase their dreams. I noticed a few contests they ran that were shared in status updates, but in large part they felt devoid of any social mechanism that would really cause them to be successful. Although it might seem that Zappos is doing a good job on YouTube, I feel like there is some room for improvement.
Don’t simply rely on your marketing team to pull this off, you need to integrate it into a corporate level strategy. We always try to ask whether a particular policy exists because it’s a default piece of corporate stupidity that everyone expects you to have, or does it actually help you accomplish something? You’re not going to get a lot of work out of someone if they haven’t taken a vacation in a while.
Rather than seeing that as a perk, employees were confused and tended not to take enough time. They help differentiate a company, reinforce culture, increase retention and drive positive WoM.
There are many opportunities to grow, to be flexible, to have a balanced life and the result is, employees turning around and doing great things. And very often you realize that you don’t really know why you’re doing it this way, so we just stop doing it. So we started rewarding people for taking at least a week at a time on a real trip by giving them $1,000 spending money. Employees are given a subsidy of $500 to buy a bike (#139) as long as they ride it to the office at least twice a month.

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