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Coming up with a clever Halloween costume for yourself is hard enough, but when you throw another person into the mix, it can feel like an impossible task. Valeria Lukyanova, aka the real life Barbie is one of the most famous examples of cosmetic surgery gone wrong. The unrealistic looks and proportions of the Barbie doll have been scrutinized for decades by many women. Thanks to the Internet, obscure girls like Valeria Lukyanova can find fame and fans to help praise her looks and support her continued efforts to look like a fashion doll. I don’t understand why a girl would want to DO this to herself, but it seems to be filling some sort of void, and as sad as it is, she is not hurting anyone but herself and her pocketbook. Yet I doubt Matel Corporation marketing would want anything to do with these disfigured souls.
The reprobate who disfigured these women should be prosecuted or at the very least disbarred from practicing in the United States.
Oh for heaven’s sake little girls know Barbie is a doll and I never met a girl who thought looking like Barbie was sometjing she wanted. Bacon is 54 years old and still looking good, like his days in Footloose. Kevin has been in a wide array of movies and TV shows and continues to go strong.

Two Oscars, two Golden Globes and a Tony Award under his belt and Denzel is stronger than ever. Jackie Chan has made a successful career for himself by fighting his way through the movies.
Spacey is an Oscar-winning actor for his roles in The Usual Suspects and American Beauty, but he has always kept his personal life very private but we do know he is 53 years old.
He is an award-winning actor that a lot of people are anticipating seeing in the upcoming Steven Spielberg movie Lincoln. They had to make him look older for the role, but he is 55 years old in real life. The Ukrainian model spent tons of money on countless surgery to try and look like the human equivalent of the famous toy. Viggo is best known for his roles in the huge trilogy Lord of the Rings, but he has appeared in many movies before and since. Dennis Quaid keeps in great shape and looking good and his new hit show Vegas is doing very well for CBS. He is 52 years old and most remember him from The X Files, which is rumored to be a possible movie soon. He came to fame in the Die Hard movies, but his list of credits is extremely long and that has led him to be the ninth highest-grossing actor.

Pierce has moved on from the James Bond role, but he is still looking great at 59 years old! She may look good when she is roughly a foot tall, but taken into real life height she would look ridiculous. Her controversial looks and lifestyle have drawn equal amounts of adoration and controversy. A lo guys think she’s hot, but for me she looks like one of those Japanese silicon sex dolls.
Some of them look more complicated than others to assemble, but they’re all sure to turn some heads at a Halloween party. This is something that Mattel should really consider, as this is the type of image that they are portraying as beauty to young girls.

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