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On one episode of the long-running - and extremely popular - animated TV series The Simpsons, Marge said, “I brought you a tuna sandwich. Nearly all of the time, tattoos of dolphin designs have been depicted as graceful, intelligent and benevolent creatures.
A 1973 movie called "The Day of the Dolphins" featured a group of exceptionally smart dolphins. Jack Handy, of Saturday Night Live fame, once said, "“If you saw two guys named Hambone and Flippy, which one would you think liked dolphins most? The interpretation of what a rose can symbolize is really up to the individual who would like to tattoo them on themselves.
The Horned Dragon: Considered to be the strongest, and most fierce of all species of dragon. The Celestial Dragon: The Celestial Dragon was said to protect the heavens and even the gods themselves from harm from darker beings and spirits. The Treasure Dragon: The Treasure dragon was said to protect all of the priceless jewels and treasures around the world, and to ensure that these items do not fall into the wrong hands. The Yellow Dragon: Known for its vast intelligence, the Yellow Dragon was depicted as an all-knowing creature.
Celtic cross tattoo designs are mostly tattooed on arms, but some people tend to tattoo them on their backs. Before settling on a particular tattoo of a dolphin, you might want to think about the names that you would use to describe your ideal dolphin. They had been kidnapped; at one point in the movie, they manage to pull of a major assassination with success. A dolphin done in the same style as a Simpsons character might be a cool idea for a tattoo design, actually.
There are many different rose tattoo designs, and the meaning behind each of these designs is not set in stone. A landscape can be as simple as a scene from a movie, or as advanced as a ground level complete with a bird filled skyline. This makes heart tattoos a very popular choice for many people who choose to tattoo a design on their chest.
This tattoo has obvious religious association, and has been one of the more popular designs in Celtic art for hundreds of years.

Although such a feat took an amazing level of intelligence and comprehension, it also required some less-than-friendly motives, too, which flew in the face of most other depictions of dolphin tattoos throughout history. First of all, the rose is often given from one individual to another to display their affection. They can often grow with very little help from any gardener, and sometimes will remain, blooming for several years with very little water from the owner. Try to find a design that not only looks good, but fits you as an individual because you will have this tattoo for the rest of your life. It jumps off the palette and is so realistic that when I first looked at it I thought it was a real rose just laying on the persons shoulder. It is said that the dragon was so fierce (yet merciful), that  we as humans had no choice but to worship it as a divine creature. However, in some stories, the Horned Dragon was also depicted as a lone warrior of sorts, that bowed to no one and fought its own battles.
The chest provides a lot of space for a tattoo, and also allows the individual to be creative with the amount of space that the it provides.
Many people choose to tattoo scenes and other landscape tattoos on their chest because it is one of the few places on the body that provides enough room for these large, elaborate tattoos. Often times people will placed the name of a loved one over their heart to symbolize their love for them. Usually Celtic crosses have interwoven lines (which are often portrayed as vines) that conjoin to create a cross shape. Rose tattoos are often accompanied by a heart tattoo as well, especially when the rose is meant to represent love. In Chinese culture the dragon has been celebrated for its benevolent nature, and has been touted for its kind spirit. The chest and back provide the most space on the body for tattoos and other body artwork, so some of the most elaborate tattoos are placed in this location.
This person could be a family member, or a significant other for whom you want to profess your undying affection. This tattoo is commonly warn by Irish Catholics, but has been adopted by other Christians as a way to show your support for Jesus in a stylish way. The rose can also stand for beauty, because the rose itself is often regarded as a very beautiful flower.

One of the most popular types of pictorial rose tattoos that is meant to signify love is cupid shooting his arrow at someone, with a heart as the arrowhead and the rose and stem as the arrow itself. One of these include two hearts that are wrapped in the stem of the rose, with the rose poking out above the two hearts. Chinese individuals are often referred to as “Lung Tik Chuan Ren“, which translates directly to “descendants of the dragon”. You may decide that you would like a river toward the bottom of your chest or in your stomach region during your first sitting. Some people also choose to tattoo other things that they love over their heart, since the heart is commonly used to symbolize love.
There are many different areas of the body that would make suitable areas to tattoo a rose. This refers to the rose being resilient, and being able to survive even when perhaps it shouldn’t logically be able to. There is still some pain in the chest region, but the chest contains less nerve endings than the legs or the feet which make it an ideal place to tattoo darker, more intricate designs that would ordinarily be too painful to place on other areas of the body. You could place an activity or sport that has been a big part of your life over your heart to symbolize how much the activity means to you. There are several different types of dragons that are commonly referenced in Chinese folklore. Because many tattoos that take up the full chest region are done over the course of several months, it gives you plenty of time to put meaningful thought into what you would like to tattoo on yourself.
Landscape and scene tattoos are among the most popular types of tattoos to place on the chest region. The symbolism behind this could be that they wear their heart on the outside, or on their sleeve, as is commonly said.

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