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Just want to say that contamination in tattoo studios is one of biggest think that tattoo artists worry about and make sure they sort out. I just wanted to jump in quickly and say that in most places, you are eligible to donate blood four to six months after you receive your tattoo.
Oh I also chose my wrist because I easily gain weight and I wouldn't want it to stretch. So, when deciding on a studio, do your research first, visit the studio, make sure that they follow and maintain hygiene standards- setting up the tattoo machine in front of the customer, opening the needles in front of the customer so they can see its new and sterile, sterilising the work environment, wearing gloves , using sterile tubes, and that everything that is used is disposed immediately.
It shows that you really do care what goes on your body and that is a must for everything be it food hair or tats.
The most important point to note is that our bodies are not ours (whether we like that statement or not). So there shouldn't be any permanent exclusion from blood donation simply because you are inked. There is absolutely no harm to requesting for all the above mentioned (and more) double checks if you are dead set on getting a tattoo done. Our bodies belong to GOD, so we need to be sure that God would want us to get tattos.Apart from that human being are very versatile, so what if one tattoo is no longer relevant for the next period? Anyway I got inked over a year ago and before i did that i pretty much asked all the questions you guys listed and did a bit of research on the best place to get it done. Like others have said, I would emphasize researching on the health implications and hygiene. I decided to get it on my upper arm, that way i can show it off when i want to and i can hide it as well (did not want to jeopardize my future possibilities of ever getting employed).

For the start, I wanted a small one that I could look after so I got words that are meaningful to me on my wrist. This it turns out, is the length of time it takes to properly screen the blood for possible tattoo-related infections (thanks Google).
But trust me when I tell you we have thought about it, and more than once, come damn near close to getting inked over the years. I think I'd also get super bored super fast, thus resulting in a full body kit (Lil Wayne style).
I know it sounds weird but I do admire cultures and tribes that have been tattooing themselves for generation.
Imagine looking back 30 years from now at your youthful markings, I pray you look at them with fondness. That you won't be ashamed or regret the decision because you have to live with it your whole life.
However, for some unfathomable reason, we always chicken out.sourceLet's face it, a tattoo is a HUGE commitment. I always compare it to having a child (although the tatoo is cheaper) but yeah, the life-time commitment. More like what u see is what you get kinda feel (but dont go judging the book by its cover :P) My second reason is my dad. He got them when he was in the navy and well his were the old school way, hot metal and lots of alcohol. I once had a tongue ring phase and i really came so close but I know now that I wouldn't have been proud of myself.

The health implications are crucial and should be well considered before making such a decision.
Anyway ladies my 2cents of advice would be:One, if you are really certain you want to get inked do a little bit more research on what you want on ur body. Example with myself, I wasn’t soo fussy about it coz I did know what I wanted like from the get go but knowing what u want at 19 is very different from when u get older. My first tat was the tribal on my lower back and I liked the design coz I drew part of it but as of now I don’t like where I put it. But I was 19 and it was cool :P My second tat was the scorpion I was 21 and a friend asked me what I wanted for my birthday and yes I said a tat.
I blamed myself coz I decided to go to another artist coz he was cheaper than my original guy. The problem was not only did my tat look like a blot but also later on I found out when I was covering it up he had seriously etched my skin when he was shading (which u still couldn’t tell) and I had to wait 2 years for me to get another one done on it. Will my skin stretch with the tattoo and magically transform my Koi fish tattoo into a dragon?8.

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