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Font, color, size, background, content encrypts, content direction, basic book info, book icon, cover, etc.
If you are not comfortable ordering online with a credit card, you are welcome to choose an offline order option in the payment section of the order process. We want you to be 100% satisfied, so we offer an unconditional 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
Android Book App Maker allows you to convert your thousands of books to Android Apps for publishing use, then people can download your books from App Market easily and read them.
To make your book more modern and available on Android tablets and smart phones, you can use Android Book App Maker to make your own book apps with page flipping effect. While building your Android book Apps with Android Book App Maker, you are enabled to totally define your book info and designs, including Book Name, Author, Category, Website, Description, Icon, Cover, Display Font and so on.
The Book Apps created by Android Book App Maker provide readers with wonderful and convenient tools to enhance reading experience.
You can create series of chapters for your books in Android Book App Maker, and while reading your published Android book Apps, readers can easily jump to different chapter by clicking the chapter name in the table of contents panel. To make your book app more acceptable and attractive, Android Book App Make also enables you to change the prompt language of your book Apps.
If you want to encryt your book content so that your book data is unreachable in case someone opens the .apk file and extracts the data file, Android Book App Maker can absolutely help.
2.Import text files and types Windows (ANSI), ASCII, Unicode, UTF-7, Big Endian Unicode, UTF-8 are supported.
Flip PDF is a utility which can be used to convert PDF files to animative page-flipping eBooks which work on all devices.

Flip PDF Professional provides more flexible and functionalities, such as enable you to embed video, audio, flash and links.
Flip PDF for Mac program is fresh and new way to convert ordinary PDF files into stunning page turning booklets especially on Mac! Flip PDF Professional for Mac is amazing utility to convert PDFs to page flipping eBooks on Mac, add links, video, audio, slideshow. FlipBuilder demo books and templates are designed by professional and experienced designers, and you shouldn't worry about their quality because we produce only premium eBooks and templates.
Flip PDF for Mac: Fresh and new way to convert ordinary PDF files into stunning booklets with amazing page-flipping effect especially on Mac! It allows you to insert illustrations, custom look & feel, even change language, setup text protection and eyesight-protection.
Switch LTR to RTL (right to left) to accomodate the people read from right to left or the opposite. All these options allow you to set to change look & feel on Android with your app installed. We accept mail, fax, wire, and PO (if applicable) ordering options in addition to ordering online. Android Book App Maker is the right software to build Android Book Apps from Text files and images, after publishing your book App onto Android market, people can easily search in the App store and download your book to read on their own Android devices. The software is easy-to-handle book App creator, just import text, images, or even write text in the window directly, then you will be enabled to build an Android book App that brings modern book effect and experience to all Android fans. People then can slide on screen to flip pages with ease, as if they are reading a real book everywhere.

If you embedded Admob ads in your book App, people will see the animated ads on the top of each page.
Links in original text file will be preserved and people can just click it to jump to webpages.
If you want to customize page-flipping ebooks or templates, send your source files and requirements to us, we will make a customization plan for you and send you the price and term details.
With it you can convert nearly all kinds of files to page-flipping eBooks: create online magazines, newspapers, brochures, corporate Reports, educational books, sales catalogues or any other multipage documents, complete with full graphics and audio. We also provide phone orders through our 24x7 order desk at 1-877-353-7297, or (952) 646-5331 for International Callers after you have known the product number (Android Book App Maker: 9891-135). We reserve the right to raise price for later versions, but you don't need to pay a cent for upgrading.
Please note that all of the offline ordering options do have additional fees for processing. To place an order by mail, fax, wire, and PO (when applicable), use the online form and then choose one of these payment options found in the Payment Method section of the form. Once submitted online, the appropriate information will be provided to you in your web browser to send your payment to us off line.Want to custom the program or have other questions about purchase?

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