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If you have always wanted to have a nice tattoo then why not get one during your holiday at one of Phuket tattoo parlors? Some people are afraid to get a tattoo in Phuket as they are scared that the local Phuket tattoo artists are not using clean needles, sterilize their equipment and do not generally work under hygienic circumstances. You can find bad tattoo shops anywhere in the world and some probably also in Thailand however all Phuket tattoo shops which we know off and have inspected use international hygienic and safety standards and there is no reason to be worried if you visit one of the Phuket tattoo parlors which we have listed and reviewed in this section of our handy online Phuket guide. There are of course some very good reasons why you should get your tattoo in Phuket during your vacation and not in your home country. First of all the cost of getting a tattoo at a Phuket tattoo shop is normally considerably less expensive then what you would expect to pay at a tattoo shop in Europe or the United States.
Also the types and styles of tattoos which you can get at one of the tattoo shops in Phuket are often very different then back home. Many of the places where you can get Phuket tattoos specialize in Buddhist and traditional Thai temple tattoos. Please note that prices at the various Phuket tattoo shops are open for negotiations so please dona€™t be afraid to bargain with these guys.

If you dona€™t want to get a permanent tattoo then you can also get a temporary tattoo at most Phuket tattoo shops. The Phuket guide has reviewed and listed for our readers some of the leading and most reputable Phuket tattoo shops.
If you would like to get a tattoo during your holiday on Phuket then be sure to visit one of the Phuket tattoo parlors listed down below. Phuket Tattoos Sorna€™s Traditional Thai Tattoo a€“ One of my personal favorite Phuket tattoo studios is this one as the tattoo artists working here offer some really awesome and unique traditional style tattoos.

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