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Armband tattoos can be a very versatile option, as you can do them in almost any style from flowers to tribal, Native American to Japanese, and pretty much everything in between. You can work with your tattoo artist to incorporate ideas you have into an armband tattoo design to make it your own. Armband tattoos have been used for centuries on the Polynesian islands, and because of the exploration that went on in the seventeenth century, the idea was brought to Europe around that time. Among the Hawaiians and the other Polynesian islanders, an armband tattoo showed rank or status.
The modern tribal armband tattoos we see in the West became popular in the 1990s and still are today.
Indian armband tattoos usually come in the form of a rope with beads tied around the arm and feathers hanging from the rope. Kiera Chaplin: the granddaughter of Charlie Chaplin, and actress herself, has a skull armband around her left arm. Kiefer Sutherland: has a barbed wire armband on his left biceps and a Celtic armband on his right biceps. Armband tattoos however, have been popular for decades (unlike star shaped or ankle tattoos, whose popularity is connected to the 90’s).

Handling the pain is highly individual but unlike the ankle (which is considered a painful tattooing spot), armband is considered a spot which hurts much less, and that is why people often decide to put a tattoo there. There is a huge variety of images, shapes and styles which would look good as an armband tattoo; for instance Celtic imagery, tribal tattoos, hearts and insects, and for ladies wine and flowers. The most important thing, after you decide what the right image is for you, is the right colour selection.
Since tattoos are a permanent addition to your style and look, be sure to think twice about the choice of the picture and colour range.
A great thing about them is that they are so varied, the form lends itself well to different styles. They usually don't consist of images associated with any one particular tribe, but take elements from several different sources. Other imagery that is often included is a bull skull, a dream catcher, an axe or totem pole. Since pop stars started getting tattoos, followed by the actresses and actors, and even supermodels, it became a very popular trend. There are few very simple reasons for this: men (they are target audience for armband tattoos) love to show off, these tattoos look good even after many years, you can cover up if you want to and finally this spot is least painful for tattoo process.

If you are creative, you can combine these styles, but be sure to have a great artist to help you choose the right mix and make a great picture to start with. If you are not into tribal tattoos, which are almost always black, try being sure to have a range of colours which contrast your skin, it will give you a great effect and a special touch to your tattoo. You should browse through variety of images before you find an adequate one, which will best represent your style and personality.
The bold, black lines of a tribal band tattoo look good on almost any physique, although they are not very original. Take advantage of thousands of visitors searching for tattoo designs and tattoo pictures every day!
They highlight a toned biceps, but they can also complement a slender upper arm, making it appear even more delicate.
Men usually go for a biceps armband, while women tend to choose for a bracelet or wrist band tattoo.

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