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No more “Soldier's Cross.” No more “Warrior Ethos” and no more tattoos period below the elbow or knee.
According to the Pentagon newspaper “Stars and Stripes,” that's the word straight from the Command Sergeant Major of the Army, as he prepares to enact strict new tattoo regulations in the next 30-60 days. With the new tattoo policy, the Army would become even stricter on their ink than other branches of service.
The Navy, Marines and Air Force still allow tattoos on lower legs and lower arms, within certain limits.
Most current Army soldiers would not even be able to meet the new standards--that's why, according to “Stars and Stripes,” the Command Sergeant Major says he may grandfather them in. While it probably won’t affect those already in the Army, recruits coming to enlist in the Army will have to deal with the changes.
Army recruiters in Norfolk want potential enlistees to know this new tattoo policy is not official just yet. Like tattoos with spiritual and religious symbolism, military tattoos often have a strong element of the amulet or talisman connected to them.
Below you will find a gallery of inspirational images that will help you in your quest of creating the perfect military tattoo.
If you are planning to join the military, be sure to ask a recruiter about the regulations of tattooing before you get tattooed, just to be safe.

Army Tattoos are permitted on the hand and the back of the neck, but not on the front or side of the neck, or on the head or face. Keep in mind that in the military tattoo designs must be in good taste and cannot be gang related, indecent, extremist, sexist, or racist.
Tattoos have been around for thousands of years, they are currently experiencing an almost unprecedented popularity in the around the world. It has been brought to my attention that some tattooists have an attitude problem when it comes to potential customers. There has been some concern recently regarding transmittable diseases (particularly Hepatitis-B and AIDS [HIV]) and tattoo shops. Everyone I know has tattoos, and they are showing everywhere,” said Justin Jones, a potential new recruit.
He has a small tattoo of his initials on his forearm, and never thought it would be a problem in joining the military until now.
Protection in battle was often a specific requirement of tattoos acquired in many cultures and the tattoo was accompanied with rituals, incantations, and pigment which was believed to have special or magical properties. A prohibition remains in place against tattoos that are extremist, indecent, racist or sexist -- anywhere on the body.
Coast Guard Only 25 percent coverage is allowed on the arm between the wrist and elbow and on the leg between the knee and ankle.

Tattoos are not allowed above the collarbone or to be readily visible when wearing an open-collar uniform. Tattooing was carried out by Shamans, medicine men, priests and other individuals who were known to have access to special powers.
Marines who already have tattoos on their forearms and legs aren’t allowed to add on to them.
These properties might render an individual invisible or impervious to the weapons of opponents. A tattoo in this instance was meant to act as a shield and a final line of personal defense.
Twenty-five per cent, that's the limit for certain body parts, like the space between the wrist and elbow, and knee and ankle.
And the Marines have recently banned enlisted personnel from having fully tattooed arms, also known as 'sleeves'.

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