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Chess is a two-player game of strategy in which players take turns trying check the opponent's King. Board Representation: Two unsigned int numbers are used to represent the board since the compiler is 32 bit. Move Generation: All the different pieces' possible moves have been precalculated and stored in bitboard. Depth Searching: Adding evaluation function was not enough, thinking in depth was required, Minmax tree was implemented. End game: The possible moves that led itself to king check were blocked and the condition for checkmate was implemented so that the game could end.

The class defining bitboard of various pieces also defines various boards that are precalculated and stored such as possible moves. I would like to demonstrate the generation of rook's possible moves using bit shift operations. A class having all the functions of 64 bit has been made by overloading all the required operators. Each piece has a particular way of moving over the board of 64 squares of alternate black & white ones.
Then we can't capture it, thus we need one last operation: right_moves = right moves AND enemy_and_empty_squares.

I suggest you to update the article with the platform, compiler and dependency information.

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