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The relaxed atmosphere at the Victim Tattoo Shop helps customers enjoy their first tattooing experience. What you will not see when you first walk in to the Victim Tattoo Studio is walls filled with flashing graphics of tattoo artwork. Award-winning tattoo artists bring a different look to tattooing with their super-realistic style and extensive design experience. Along with offering full custom tattoos and tattoo removal at competitive prices, Victim Tattoo also provides services for Piercings, Branding, Scarification, Body Jewelry, Custom Paintings, Digital Design and other Artwork. Their friendly open manner will put you at ease about the whole Tattoo process and they’d be happy to answer any questions you may have. You can see from this piece he’s gifted at color as well as black and grey.  His specializes in realistic portraits and elaborate body suits.
A stripe canvas can be placed high on the upper arm so that the artwork can be covered up with the sleeves when necessary during work, or school.
If you’re reviewing various stripe designs for your first or next tattoo, a more classical style to consider is certainly the Celtic armband artwork.   The designs are elaborate and striking with different styles and symbols. Copyrighted works are copyrighted works, no matter whether they are painted on canvases or walls or the bodies of former heavyweight champions. And what makes the matter dicey for Warners is that the tattoo on the Helms character appears to be a direct comedic reference to Tyson, who appeared extensively in the first film. A few years back, Warners was forced to fork over a hefty settlement to the author of the source material for its Dukes of Hazzard film when a judge issued an injunction weeks before the film's release.
Here at this professionally run studio every tattoo is hand designed to reflect something very personal and unique to each customer.

12 year professional piercer, Rob Cole, has worked along with some of the best in the industry to create safer piercings with a reduced healing time. One of the best on the market is Eternal Tattoo Inks and they have been shown to be the most hypo-allergenic.
Even if you’re not into tattoos or piercings the awesome artwork they have on display is well worth the trip to Reedsburg.
He’s been tattooing for over 16 years and is currently so in demand that he is booking 2 years in advance. They usually appear in identical spiral patterns and knot-works within two parallel boundaries. You will be amazed for how popular the Celtic artworks are in the northern Europe like United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, etc. Tribal armband tattoos are not only fashionable, but the patterns are very flexible and can be easily connected to make a full band. The motif is very abstract, and it consists of several bands around the arm intertwining with marine animals and arches.  Maori tribal tattoos are also very popular with unique lines and curves in black hue.
Alternately you can also wrap around your arm with a heavy chain, a bracelet, or a strand of astrological symbols.
Rob offers free consultation and estimates and invites you to stop in to look at portfolios of their custom tattoo creations. All supplies used are disposable which completely eliminates any possibility of transferring disease to the tattoo artist or client. Celtic armband tattoo is usually inked in black and gray inks with white shading, but a blue piece of work is also very often seen and can definitely stand-out.

Some people may also hang an antique watch, or a locket with their loved one’s photo at the open end. The specialized graffiti designers can help in selecting the best designs suiting the individual choices. Various tattoo magazines and online websites offers numerous tattoo designs of different styles. They are also one of the few studios that offers a topical numbing at the customer’s request. The tattoo artists and designers can help in developing the personal ideas to a best tattoo design. Creating individual tattoo design is the best option for obtaining unique and different tattooing in the body. These designs are also provided with stuffed colors and various color schemes that look very natural. The raw and edgy nature of these designs made them more popular among the people of all age groups.

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