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It’s fairly common knowledge that the choice of font you use can have a huge impact on the tone of the site you’re designing.
As Information Architect Oliver Richenstein famously wrote in 2006, web design is 95% typography – so getting the right typeface for your design is important.
1,000+ Stylish LettersYou don't just get one simple set of fonts that restrict you to an exact style. 20 Discretionary LigaturesBesides standard ligatures that work to make Samantha Script as perfect as possible, there are also 20 discretionary ligatures that breathe even more life into its style.
Uniquely ElegantYou'd be hard pressed to find a more flexible, legible and elegant font as Samantha Script. 60 Ornaments and 45 CatchwordsIn addition to all the stylish letters, this collection includes 60 beautiful ornaments to complement your text, adding an even more artistic flair to your work.
Royalty FreeYou can use Samantha Script on any of your personal projects, as well as commercial purposes such as on T-shirts, posters, websites or logos.
The full Samantha Script font family, which includes all 4 styles, normally sells for $300, but today is the LAST DAY that you can get the entire family for just $37!
Or, if you'd prefer to purchase just the Upright or Italic styles, you have the option to purchase them individually for just $17 instead of the regular price of $75 - a savings of 77% off the regular price!
The Web fonts do not include any OpenType features or the complete set of accented characters that the desktop fonts include. You may use these fonts for both personal and commercial projects, for yourself or on behalf of your clients.

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A clean & professional serif might be at home on a site that takes itself seriously, while a quirky sans serif might be a better fit for a site with a playful personality. We’ve selected some beautiful free fonts that are just waiting to be added to your next design.
Whether it's on a T-shirt an ad or a headline on a website, if a font is boring or really hard to read, you've already lost your audience. Elegant and easy to read, this beautiful font is also significantly marked down, due to this Mighty Deal. You'll get 1,100 alternate and swash letters that feature ascenders and descenders, all varying in length and complexity, so you can truly fine tune the look of your font. This stylish font is not just fancy and graceful, it's beautiful and youthful at the same time. You have the option to purchase Samantha Upright Pro and Samantha Italic Pro individually or to get the whole family. Plus, there are also 45 versatile catchwords including commonly used ones like the days of the week, announcements and numbering.
Her fantastic work on this elegant and beautiful typeface was a winning font for the 2012 Communication Arts Award!

We cover different “hats” under programming, graphic design, social media and Internet marketing, app reviews, and tutorials tailored to designers, programmers, social media enthusiasts and Internet marketers. These tattoos are very interesting in a way that they portray what one strongly wants to adhere to. Finding the right elegant font can be particularly tricky, though, since the intricate detail can often render your words illegible.
This font comes with a ton of extra glyphs (which are the swirly parts and letters) that free fonts don’t have, at least I have never come across one. These tattoos are made very interesting with the additional designs and art forms added to each one of them. Quote tattoos for girls are a very cool way of emphasizing on the mindset of the individual. These have a very different and soft approach to the real thought with many delicate designs. The designs supporting the tattoos make the quote tattoos for girls appear even more vibrant and soulful.

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