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It should come as no surprise then that people naturally respond better to visuals than plain text. The rapid growth of visual based social media networks such as Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and Tumblr further demonstrate our attraction to visuals.
Similarly, Facebook knows that people want to see more visual content and they have built that into their algorithms. It therefore stands to reason then that businesses would benefit by harnessing the power visual marketing on social media by incorporating it into their overall content marketing mix.
Businesses that engage in visual story-telling will create greater impact and achieve better ROI.
Visual marketing involves incorporating static and moving visuals within your content marketing mix.
Now if you are stressing out at this point and feeling that you are not a very creative person, don’t own a fancy camera or can’t afford to buy Photoshop, don’t stress.
These days the phones that we carry around with us each day will more than do the job, especially when you combine your dodgy photo skills with an app that will allow you to crop images, apply a filter, add a border and overlay some text.
I use a variety of desktop and mobile image editing tools on a daily basis and my favourites change over time based on the image I am trying to create and what new tools have captured my attention. There are loads of templates, text holders, frames and photos to choose from and adapt to your requirements. I actually don’t use PickMonkey anymore because I love Canva so much and it seems to do all that I used to use PicMonkey for, plus more. Word Swag is my favourite iPhone App for creating engaging images to share on social media. Word Swag allows you to put text overlays on images and the design options are truly beautiful. My favourite part about this app is that you pick the font design that you like and then just roll the dice to shuffle through all the different ways that style can be displayed until you find the one that best suits.
Like Word Swag, Over is an iPhone App that allows you to overlay text on images, but it is much plainer in terms of the layout of the text. Rhona is another iPhone App that I use that is similar to Word Swag in that you can overlay different design packs on images. I love Instagram and whilst it is a social media network in it’s own right, the in-built image editing and filters also make it a powerful image editing tool worthy of note. If I wish to share that same image on other social media networks, my preference is usually to share it from the camera roll rather than from within the App, as it allows me to post it directly to and in context with the platforms, rather than as a link from Instagram. Flipagram allows you to bring moments to life by creating beautiful short video stories using your photos, set to music. Shadow Puppet provides a unique way to tell a story around your images because it allows you to narrate a story as you swipe through and zoom in on the images you have on your iPhone. Animoto allows you to turn ordinary photos and video clips into rich videos using either Animoto’s web, tablet or mobile version.
Each of the above image editing tools allows you to be creative and make truly unique and engaging images to use within your business and easily share on social media. The possibilities are endless and the potential results you can achieve for your business by incorporating effective visual marketing within your social media strategy are mind-blowing. Filed Under: Apps, Business Tools, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Social Media Strategy, Top Tips, YouTube About Loren BartleyLoren Bartley is as a social media strategist, educator, coach, public speaker, blogger, early adopter, self-confessed lover of all things geek-eske, and mother of three. As the founder of Impactiv8, Loren helps businesses grow using the power of social media and lifecycle marketing automation.
Loren has created three online training programs: Social Media Success, FB Business Success and Linked Business Success and she also offers bespoke social media presentations, workshops, one-on-one coaching and social media implementation services.
Loren is also the producer and co-host of the highly successful #BusinessAddicts The Podcast, which she hosts in conjunction with Fiona Redding from The Happiness Hunter.
Thanks Loren for your tips, I will have a play with some of these and see if I can make some of my images more interesting!

Thanks again for this post – have had a lot of fun with these apps on iPad and iPhone already. People LOVE beautiful and inspiring photos of tourism products and regions on social media. Creating fabulous images is a very powerful, low-cost word of mouth marketing tactic for your product or region.
However, most of us aren’t professional photographers (I certainly am not!), so how do we do this? The secret is to use many of the mostly FREE photo-editing tools to make your photos look amazing.
By taking just a minute or two to adjust your photo’s colours with an interesting filter, or add some text, an interesting frame or create a collage, you can turn a bland and boring photo into  an amazing eye catching photo your customers can’t help but engage with.
This website is an amazing free tool for those of us who aren’t graphic designers, but want a professional look with our graphics. You can also use it to add filters to your photos, create visual testimonials, Facebook timeline images, presentation slides (wow your trade partners with amazing graphics in your next training presentation) and your own brochures and flyers. If you want to share photos on-the-go, here are four of our favourite smartphone photo editing apps to try. Ok, this one is not quite free, but for $1.99 it is worth the investment!  You can edit photos with all different filters and frames, just like Instagram. Owned by Google, this very in-depth free photo-editing app (iphone and android) is used by many professional photographers to edit their Instagram photos.
Our Tourism Marketing Academy is a brand new, 6-month mentoring program designed exclusively for tourism operators, helping them decipher the tourism marketing maze, to create a sustainable business. Enter your details below to get exclusive access to our FREE 3 Part Webinar Series for tourism operators! Once subscribed, we’ll also send you our monthly enewsletter, which is jam packed full of inspiring tourism marketing insight & ideas ready for you to implement straight away!
A holistic 6 month marketing mentoring program designed exclusively for tourism operators to develop & implement a strategic tourism marketing plan to grow their business!
A high-level, tailored mentoring program for staff in destinations who are responsible for the development and implementation of Destination Marketing Strategies. We process them much faster, we engage with them more, we share them more freely, we remember them more readily and we are influenced by then when it comes to purchasing. That might be photos, videos, infographics, drawings, cartoons, visual quotes, artwork, webinars, etc. Some of these also have android, windows mobile or blackberry equivalents – you will need to check that out for yourself. It allows you to create engaging images for use in social media, presentations, posters, blog graphics, Facebook Cover images, Pinterest graphics, infographics and much much more. This web-based program is free to use, with the option to purchase photos within the interface if you like for US$1 each. However, it is still worthy of note, as it is an easy to use yet powerful on-line editing tool that makes your images look fabulous.
Unlike Word Swag, you can’t edit or create variations of those designs, so it is a little bit more limiting, but this is made up for by the variety of options you have to choose from.
I switch between which one I use based on what template I am after for the frames I am creating as they each have their own unique variations. I use InstaWeather when I want to identify what the weather was like at the time the image was created.
When you post a photo to Instagram, as well as giving you the option to share it to other social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr and Foresquare, it also automatically saves it to your camera roll for later use.
I mainly use this to curate photos from Instagram around an event or theme as it is so easy to do so.

This can be great for creating simple instructional visual content pieces with minimal effort. You can choose from a wide variety of video style options and templates, as well as set your videos to music. However, I find that when you use some of these tools in partnership, layering their effects (without going overboard), you can create an even better result. I would love to hear about your successes once you start using more visually engaging content.
I’m using wordswag and I love it, but I was looking for a similar app or software that I can use on the computer.
The Genesis Framework empowers you to quickly and easily build incredible websites with WordPress.
It is full of great templates you can use to create your own photo-based images for social media, your blog and email newsletters. We find Camera Plus Pro is easier to use, but if you don’t have an iPhone you may like to try this one out.
You can choose from a range of different collage or grid layouts to share a collage of photos. Rebecca loves helping small to medium sized tourism businesses grow their bookings and profits by marketing smarter, not harder. If you don’t have a budget to purchase images, that is fine as there are more than enough free elements to choose from or alternatively you can upload your own and use them instead. There is a countless number of effects, fonts, shapes, and frames to tweak your images with. You can also invert the design so that the image you upload is displayed within the text rather than behind it, which can create a really cool effect.
I mainly use this app when I just want to add simple text to an image without it needing to be too fancy. You can place your image inside a computer screen, camera, milk bottle, fish bowl or even a wine glass.
You just select the images you want to appear, the order they will appear in, the timing of them and then the music you want.
Once created, your videos are hosted in the cloud, allowing you to easily post them on social media or embed them in your blog.
I like using Typic+ (app for Iphone where you add you image and text, nicely done!), I will have a look at iWatermark too!
It is simple and easy to use, plus you don’t need to sign up for a log-in if you don’t want (one less password to remember is always a good thing!). Picmonkey is free to use, although you can upgrade to gain some additional features if you like. There are so many options to choose from that you are sure to want to play with this one for a while. My daughter is obsessed with Pip Camera and I am constantly finding images saved to my iPhone or her face smiling back at me from inside random objects. I might then later include that image when creating a video using Flipagram, Puppet or Animoto.

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