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Need an artist or shop recommendation?Give us a description of the tattoo you're looking for and we'll try to match you up with a great local artist or shop! Mobilized by the growing interest in Eastern spirituality in the world of the best tattoo artists hundred engraved in the body met in Nepal to share ideas in an International Tattoo Convention. For three days, Kathmandu thus became a Mecca for tattoo artists from countries as diverse as Australia, Spain and Pakistan, which interacted and shaped their designs on the skin of the growing number of local fans to the art.
According to Spanish tattooist based in Barcelona Jondix, which revealed that he wanted to come to Nepal to be with their friends and “exchange ideas” that this is the first time I come and the last thing I care about is the business side.
Jondix specializes in Tibetan Buddhist art, so that the geographical proximity of Kathmandu and Tibet and the strong presence of the Tibetan exile in the city encouraged him to attend the event.
Some designs of the best tattoo artists have sometimes their peak and then fall into oblivion, others are always popular among tattoo enthusiasts, which is said by Gino Bulgarian Angelov, who has a studio in London that as traditional, tribal or Japanese.

According to said Daley Turumakina New Zealand, a Maori tattoo artist, currently living in Australia that the tribal designs have much meaning they show the genealogy of the person who tattoos. While the tradition of tattooing goes back in some communities in Nepal for centuries in other countries in the South Asian region there is no history. Tattoo design that is not commonly used is a design that cannot be seen easily on everyone.
There is a real trend toward Eastern art in tattoos, so this is the best place to explore and learn more about him. Jondix said he also has many celebrities among his clients, though, said many of them try to hide it.
This is the case of Pakistan, where pioneers like trying to extend Amjed Zohaid twenties, however, among the young.

The convention, like the Nepalese market tattoo is still in a primitive state, but many artists were encouraged to participate in the moved by the exotic culture of the small country nestled in the Himalayas event. Two birds, the above is a mythical bird that is feeding another bird that symbolizes my ancestor. Amjed, from the city of Lahore, said to be the first the best tattoo artists in Pakistan and said that is because “in Islam there is no tradition tattoo artist, so that people are afraid to go against religion”. You can acquire Best Tattoo Artist guide and look the latest The Best Tattoo Artists Ideas in here.

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