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My thoughts of john 6:38 was formed base on further reading of the scripture,resume to this Jesus Christ, is not the Father! Jesus himself is the word of God he who believes and obey his words will have life in abundance. After Jesus preached that no one could come to the Father except from him, how many people remained after people left? If we do God's will, our life will fall in place and God will be pleased with us and he will bless us because we are doing his will and we're not in our own will.
Even the common Jews expected the Messiah to come into the world, and to be a great Prophet. The Pharisees despised them as not knowing the law; but they knew most of Him who is the end of the law. There may be perils and afflictions of this present time, where there is an interest in Christ.
Even the approaches of comfort and deliverance often are so mistaken, as to become the occasions of fear. The utmost earnestness should be employed in seeking salvation, in the use of appointed means; yet it is to be sought only as the gift of the Son of man. He declared the Son of man to be the Son of God with power.28-35 Constant exercise of faith in Christ, is the most important and difficult part of the obedience required from us, as sinners seeking salvation. When by his grace we are enabled to live a life of faith in the Son of God, holy tempers follow, and acceptable services may be done.

God, even his Father, who gave their fathers that food from heaven to support their natural lives, now gave them the true Bread for the salvation of their souls.
Christ shows that he is the true Bread; he is to the soul what bread is to the body, nourishes and supports the spiritual life.
Bread nourishes only by the powers of a living body; but Christ is himself living Bread, and nourishes by his own power. The doctrine of Christ crucified is now as strengthening and comforting to a believer as ever it was. It denotes the Divinity of Christ's person and his authority; also, the Divine origin of all the good which flows to us through him.
May we with understanding and earnestness say, Lord, evermore give us this Bread.36-46 The discovery of their guilt, danger, and remedy, by the teaching of the Holy Spirit, makes men willing and glad to come, and to give up every thing which hinders applying to him for salvation.
The Father's will is, that not one of those who were given to the Son, should be rejected or lost by him. No one will come, till Divine grace has subdued, and in part changed his heart; therefore no one who comes will ever be cast out.
These are called the flesh and blood of Christ, because they are purchased by the breaking his body, and the shedding of his blood.
The soul that rightly knows its state and wants, finds whatever can calm the conscience, and promote true holiness, in the redeemer, God manifest in the flesh.
The Messiah's kingdom was not of this world; and they were to understand by faith, what he had said of a spiritual living upon him, and his fulness.

As without the soul of man the flesh is of no value, so without the quickening Spirit of God all forms of religion are dead and worthless.
He who made this provision for our souls, alone can teach us these things, and draw us unto Christ, that we may live by faith in him.
Let us apply to Christ, thankful that it is declared that every one who is willing to come unto him shall be made welcome.66-71 When we admit into our minds hard thoughts of the words and works of Jesus, we enter into temptation, which, if the Lord in mercy prevent not, will end in drawing back.
The corrupt and wicked heart of man often makes that an occasion for offence, which is matter of the greatest comfort. Our Lord had, in the foregoing discourse, promised eternal life to his followers; the disciples fastened on that plain saying, and resolved to cleave to him, when others fastened on hard sayings, and forsook him. They believed that this Jesus was the Messiah promised to their fathers, the Son of the living God. When we are tempted to backslide or turn away, it is good to remember first principles, and to keep to them. And let us ever remember our Lord's searching question; Shall we go away and forsake our Redeemer? And this alone brings confidence, comfort, and joy, and bids fear and despondency flee away.

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