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Just like good and bad of the heat that must be weighed against the cold, tattoo design of dragon and phoenix meet. Another common element in both Western and Eastern dragon tattoos, it is the presence of a flame or fire. You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work.
Almost always true, the dragon hatched from eggs like other reptiles, and live for a very long time. In some translations of the Bible, the word dragon is sometimes used to refer to the devil. In Western culture, the dragon was a great enemy, who could be defeated by the brave, strong warrior and the noblest.
Dragon tattoo designs are usually very ornate and are often very large to accommodate for this high level of detail.

Other times it is because of the smoke through the nose, just as if they represented the fire-breathing.
Perhaps the most surprising, the dragon is described as being similar in all regions of the world. A big difference, as the dragons are good or bad after, between Eastern and Western dragons, Eastern dragons in this situation people are turning to Western dragons have no ability. Even Western dragons are usually tattooed with outstretched wings and the flight if they are feared. A dragon is usually depicted as a reptile with claws of an eagle, a serpent’s tail and wings like a bat. In Chinese culture, the dragon is religiously significant, and confirms that the protector of the Buddhist law and legal guardians. Together they symbolize the forces of men and women in the world and when they are combined to create balance and harmony.

As such, Western dragon tattoos often symbolize these qualities, like the nobility, honor, courage, duty and triumph. The flame of Phoenix reborn, so that the fire is often a terminal of the tattoo design world. Regardless of whether the dragon is west or east, is the illusion, with few exceptions, a tattoo with a positive spirit and rich history.

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