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In World over 1 million new cases of Breast Cancer(BC) are revealed according to the World Health Organization(WHO), it is aggressive cancer that rapidly spreads and the pain cannot be expressed as any disease.
Today we are showing tattoos for awareness campaign against breast cancer, all the tattoos collected from flickr and deviantart have a story behind the survivals or their love ones doing tattoos to fight this cursed disease that has taken lives of so many women around the world.
Both McDade and Baker, 46, are active in breast cancer awareness and education through the Komen Southwest Michigan Affiliate, which is celebrating its 14th anniversary on by sponsoring the 2010 Komen Southwest Michigan Race for the Cure at 2 p.m. After years of vigilant screening and testing and wondering whether this would be the visit when the doctor found the lump, the Kalamazoo woman decided last year to get a preventative double mastectomy. Both women are raising money for breast-cancer research, care and awareness through the local race. Baker, a psychology professor at Western Michigan University and a mother of two, said she first heard about the Komen race while undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments at the West Michigan Cancer Center.

The experience led Baker to volunteer with the local Komen group, which she continues to do, and to volunteer with an American Cancer Society program that refers newly diagnosed women to breast cancer survivors for information and support. To fight Breast Cancer, awareness is really important and to tell everyone about it is the social duty of us all. The fight against Breast Cancer is always there and these are true fighters of the disease, Hope you will fight with these brave people how are the the victim of this ugly disease and help the organizations all over the world in your own way!
Baker, a Western Michigan University psychology professor, will walk in Sunday’s Komen Race for the Cure. McDade plans to take part in a timed 5K run, while Baker is signed up to walk with the Plainwell support group she works with, Just Ours.
She and her daughter, now 16, participated in the 2007 race when Baker was still receiving radiation treatment.

The disease surfaced in him, her aunt and cousin, and had killed her father’s mother. I was born with a gene mutation that statistically ensured I would get cancer, and I had the power to do something about it. Because of it, at the urging of her oncologist, McDade has also had a complete hysterectomy as a preventative measure against ovarian cancer.

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