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There are to many picks in background pictures, but you can choose all according to your sentiment and delight.
You can both get colorful tattoos of a lock with wings inked on your upper back just below your neck. If you both love fantasy you can get elaborate and colorful fantasy theme tattoos for your arms. A text with a love message for him and a key design for you can be perfect couples tattoos.
Halves of a meaningful love message on your wrist can complete a beautiful ‘you and me’ tattoo.
Your partner’s name on your ring finger, and the same for your partner, can be powerful tattoos. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics. You can choose something saying ‘Always with you’ on your fingers, or words from a religious book on your arm. Hole Reinforcement Envelope Liners: If you’re sending out a stack of customized holiday cards this year, then you most certainly should give this Sharpie DIY a try. Painted Saddle Shoes: We’re smitten with this cute shoe hack that uses black Sharpie to transform a pair of plain white kicks into a sporty saddle shoe. Herringbone Lamp: First of all, this modern color pop cord lamp is a DIY lamp (mind—blown!).
Gold Sharpie Table Edging: Here’s another beyond basic home hack that makes all the difference!
Easy Sharpie Plate DIY: Since there are, like, a million ceramic Sharpie tutorials online, we had to be selective with our picks that use the marker to upgrade basic dishware. Watercolor-Inspired Throw Pillows: Speaking of color, you get nothing but with these bold Sharpie-fied throw pillows. Movember Sharpie Mugs: Since we’re in the middle of Movember, we felt compelled to included these mustachioed mugs into the mix.
No-Carve Sugar Skull Pumpkins: Here’s another seasonal Sharpie project for you: no-carve pumpkins!

Polka Dot Mason Jar: The most versatile vessel in the world meets Sharpies and our minds explode.
Raining Cats and Dogs Umbrella DIY: We’re head over heels for this whimsical Sharpie DIY that shows you how to doodle tumbling cats and dogs on the inside of a clear umbrella. Hand-drawn Gift Wrap: Think of plain gift wrap as an ugly duckling who can go from awkward to swan-levels of awesome in seconds with hand drawn shapes in metallic Sharpie.
Cheetah Print Sharpie Chair Covers: We been dreaming of owning a glamorous set of cheetah print chairs, and now we can make that a reality on the cheap! Christmas Ornaments: Here’s a Sharpie DIY to try with this kiddos as you’re decorating your tree.
We love that this blogger worked with the edges of the vessels, which highlights the unique shapes of the dishes even more.
If fun is more your idea of being a couple, you can show it with tattoos like ‘Hello Kitty’ in colors of red and green, for your partner and you. From the variety of bold bright colors to the nearly hundreds of ways to use them to make your world a more wonderful place, Sharpies are the go-to instrument for upgrading basics of all kinds.
This blogger used a Sharpie to stain clear rhinestones a stunning shade of lime green, while spray paint turned the last three rows of gems opaque. Why shovel out extra money for liners when you can add brightly colored hole reinforcers to each envelope?
Put a modern spin on this pair by rocking them with colored tights and black high-waisted shorts. Second, homegirl Mandi has an impeccable eye for what could possibly make it any more amazing, and that’s a herringbone pattern with a white oil-based Sharpie. Not even the lowly knob, which is given a miraculous, gem-inspired makeover with a teal Sharpie.
Fill indented detailing on furniture—in this case, an entryway table—with gold Sharpie to make it pop.
Whether you go for gold French tips or dainty dots, you know you can rely on this technique for holiday-ready digits. This one made the cut because, while the impact is huge (we’re suckers for all things geometric), the DIY takes mere minutes to do.

Reason being, we love the restraint this blogger shows with her black and white design, proving that less can be more even in the crazy colorful world of Sharpies.
Droplets of rubbing alcohol make the colors of these graphic designs blend to soften their edges ever so beautifully.
Even if you’re done decorating pumpkins for the year, you can certainly try this technique on gourds, squash, or even pomegranates as you turn them into stunning Thanksgiving centerpieces. We love this rags to riches DIY that turns a stained sisal rug into a dazzling statement piece that even we’d rock at Brit HQ!
And once again, all it takes to get this cool cosmic look is rubbing alcohol and some Sharpies. While we’d never steer you clear of a polka dot pattern, we recommend you try your hand at something more festive, like this stenciled snowflake design.
They’d make the most amazing Christmas present for newlyweds along with a pound of coffee for him and a box of tea for her! We do not intend to infringe any legitimate intellectual right, artistic rights or copyright. If you want to celebrate that you belong together you can also get tattoos that are identical and matched in every detail.
To celebrate your journey together you can also go for a special anniversary couples tattoo.
Sharpie on the design of your choosing, though you can’t go wrong with the stripe-chevron combo you see here. Upgrade your metal DIY-style by painting them gold with, you guessed it, a metallic Sharpie! You can get colorful tattoos that spread all over your arms, or a simple matching pair in one color to express your life together.

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