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13 Available NowHere I am offering seeds from Dietes butcheriana, also known as Wide leafed Dietes, and Wild Iris. This pretty perennial grows to about 2 feet high and has a beautiful gold, yellow, orange, and white bloom.
This native zone 4 to 8 perennial wildflower consists of a low rosette of leaves and a flowering stalk of flowers.

These plants have lots of 2 inch yellowblossoms with black and orange spots continually on 2 foot stems throughout the summer.
These plants have lots of 2 inch white blossoms with bright yellow spots continually on 2 foot stems throughout the summer.
The leaves are up to 6 ft long and 2 in across medium green, hairless, and smooth along their margins.
Hardy to zones 7 and above, but can be grown in pots and brought inside in colder climates.

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