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Celebrities inspire us with their image and they will always be the main source of inspiration. First image that I want to show you is sexy beauty bunny Angelina Jolie who is definitely the leader in this list of celebrity best tattoos. Eye tattoo is one of the most mystical and extraordinary tattoo designs that are trendy nowadays. Girls look so sexy and hot with tattoo and that’s why tattoos are getting more and more popular. Tattoo can make body sexier and hotter so when choosing tattoo design be very attentive and think over thousand times before getting permanent tattoo.
All tattoos of birds look cute and they have very important meanings but owl has gained special attention. Butterflies are the cutest designs of tattoos for girls that will look eye catching and at the same time really beautiful and elegant.
Though butterfly is included in the group of insects it looks much prettier and subtle than other insects’ tattoos like spiders, bats and ants.
Cheetah and Leopard are two types of amazing African cats people hardly tell the difference from their prints. Cheetah and leopard print tattoos could be replica of the animal print on canvas of body or depicted as the pattern of the tattoo, e.g. They have perfect body, gorgeous hairstyle, luxurious dresses, accessories and, why not tattoos.
Wrist tattoo is suitable for both boys and girls but I would like to show you the best tattoo ideas on wrist that will be suitable for girls.

As we are dealing with very gentle areas like lips, eyelids and eyebrows the process can be painful. Both men and women choose eye tattoo design so if you have decided to get something really special and mind blowing find out what eye tattoo means and which are the most popular styles of eye tattoos.
More often eye is pictured in combination with other details like heart, triangle, abstract lines, teardrops and etc. Both huge and tiny tattoos will look smashing on woman’s body but there are several body parts are the hottest that will make a style statement. You can get anything you want for finger tattoo but the below shown examples are the most frequently chosen ones. Animal tattoos are included in 2014 hair trends and you will surely make a right decision if you decide to get animal tattoo. In Egyptian and Celtic culture the symbol of owl was represented thousands of times in very special way. If once they were a sign of rebellious individuality and lifestyle today it is part of image of millions. From the greatest variety of available designs, colors, sizes as well as part of body that you would like to be tattooed you should try to find the best one. Cheetah and Leopard Prints are one of popular animal prints not only adopted in garment, handbags and footwear, but also used in tattoos. The best way to recreate beloved image is to get celebrity tattoo but you should be a 100% sure about your choice.
You can copy one of them or at least get some ideas and inspiration for your future tattoo.

Today there are high quality tools that can give desired effect with no pain (or at least with minimal pain).
Here are top 5 women best body parts for tattoos, look at them carefully, choose what you like most and get your sexy body tattooed.
Moreover it is may be the best choice for those who want to get tattoo but stay away from dramatic and eye catching huge tattoos. Regular, temporary, henna tattoos and airbrush body art is very popular and if you are true fashionista you just ought to have a unique tattoo. If you have made up your mind to get butterfly tattoo and you are looking for unique tattoo style you should first find out the meaning of butterfly tattoo and learn where butterflies will look best. On the other hand, it is very personal and it is really hard to find something that will highlight your inner world and personality. Cheetah and leopard print tattoos alone do not have a special meaning, while their exotic and tasteful fashion style is always appealing to women. For this type of tattoo you can have something really gentle so that it will not look too accentuated and bold.
2014 tattoo trends include infinite designs of finger tattoos, you can also create your design but for the beginning you can get some inspiration from these finger tattoo ideas and find out what they mean.
There’s also case that cheetah print spots spread across the back, and the whole figure looks very sexy.

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