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You’ll find different types of cherry trees featuring its slightly different flowers. Women have a special taste to determine their lower back tattoo designs. In addition to the importance they place on their legs and hips.
Although cherry tattoos can symbolize sweetness, kindness, and goodness, they are usually associated with sexuality, loss of innocence, fertility, or lust. For this reason, cherries are often associated with virginity because the fruit is tempting while the color mimics blood.
A tattoo that depicts a cherry still on the tree represents purity, innocence, morality, and chasteness.
Unlike other varieties of fruit, cherries do not ripen once picked, so the cherry must only be picked when it is at its sweetest. Problems with cherry tattoos most often arise when people, usually young girls, choose the symbol without realizing the meaning or implication of the design.
In the Asian community these tattoos are typically chosen for their symbolic beliefs and are occasionally worn for beauty. The Japanese symbolize the cherry blossom, or Sakura, as being short lived and believe it is representative of life. Need an artist or shop recommendation?Give us a description of the tattoo you're looking for and we'll try to match you up with a great local artist or shop!
Conversely, if you are planning to get a tattoo with this design, try to take the time to understand the symbolism and meaning its behind. Many people tend to be confused about the culture of Japan and China when discussing this interest. When you see a girl tattoo designs look so perfect it is a typical representation of women. In Japan people are reminded that these beautiful flowers only stay on the tree for a few days.
Maybe you would like a straightforward shoulder piece or even a spectacular full back piece incorporating natural landscape or water background?
Cherry trees are found in a variety of climates and occur naturally in many parts of the world.
This attribute helps to exemplify the sexual connotations of cherry tattoos and cherry symbolism.
It is impossible to separate the cherry from the sexual innuendo because it is so prevalent throughout the world.  Today, most people recognize the connection between cherries and virginity, but few people know of the less carnal and erotic associations.

Although red and pink are the common, cherry tattoos are also black, green, and blue, along with a myriad of other creative and stylistic choices. Not only is this flower very beautiful, but it also has deep symbolic meaning in Japanese, Chinese and other Asian cultures.
If feel suited to the personality and aesthetic tastes, then you must ensure yourself for the next step.
It is to be effective the best using your pores and skin the proper artistic to make use of it. So find out for all professional tattoo artists, ask them to define their catalog and some of their work. It is filled with a variety of vitamins and minerals necessary for good health, as well as providing one of the highest concentrations of vital antioxidants.
Usually chosen by women embracing the sexual connotations, they are often tattooed around the hips and pelvis or lower back and butt area.
Cherries were originally cultivated in 300 BC, making them one of the oldest cultivated fruits.
When covered in chocolate sauce or topped with cream, a cherry tattoo becomes more tempting, but also more sweet. The same technique can be used to decide if cherries at the grocery store are fresh – if they are firmly attached to the stem, they will soon ripen or are newly ripened. Because of this, it is important to be aware of how people will view a cherry tattoo, even if the intended meaning differs greatly.
Black cherries are actually the color of mature Bing cherries, one of the most popular varieties in the United States.
The Japanese use this as a symbol for their Samurai and to represent wealth and prosperity. They can be depicted with as just the blooms or the entire tree; with a thick trunk or one that is more slender and dainty. Make sure you really understand the history and meaning behind the symbolism of this flower. The draw of the cherry design extends far beyond tattoos, and is a very popular motif for bras and underwear. Often said to be the fruit of heaven or paradise, cherries have a rich history around the world. This tattoo symbolizes a youthful desire, represented by the fact that the cherries are still on the stem, that is passionate and consuming, illustrated by the flames.

To further the metaphor, summer cherries do not stay fresh for long and must be enjoyed soon after they are picked.
Green cherries can represent either unripened cherries or the mint flavored Maraschino cherry.
Japanese pilots would paint the delicate pink flowers on their planes before embarking on a suicide mission, this symbolized the intensity of life. Some people choose to add other elements to the design such as dragons or dragonflies (both of which are indicative of Chinese culture).
For that you need to find a tattoo artist who is familiar with the works of Japanese and Chinese. This as commitment of lifetime with precious and relationship they encounter in daily life. In addition to take a look at tattoos and find out how a different flower colors match or contrast with the color of the skins if you conducting an analysis. In Japan, cherries, cherry blossoms (See cherry blossom tattoo designs), and cherry wood are all significant. Similarly, vibrant blue cherries are actually dyed Maraschino cherries, which come in a variety of interesting colors and flavors.
The first kamikaze unit even had a subunit they called Yamazakura, or “wild cherry blossom’.
Many also opt to add Chinese or Japanese characters that represent words or phrases that have great meaning to them, examples of this are purity, beauty or freedom. The fruit and flowers represent the fleetingness of life, as well as the sweetness, and the wood wards against evil. The Japanese government even encouraged the thought that the souls of departed warriors were reincarnated in the blossoms. In fact, the Samurai warriors (See Samurai tattoo designs) used the cherry as their symbol and decorated themselves with cherry blossoms before war to illustrate their readiness to die.

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