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I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love.
Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment. Hollywood is a place where they’ll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss and fifty cents for your soul.
Placement of quotation for tattoos probably wear best on the hip, chest, upper arm, shoulder, back, and around the ankles.
Tattoos have always been great tools of expression and quotes can be also inked into the skin to give an outlet to our favorite thoughts and lines.
The woman with this back tattoo seems to have figured out the key to leading a positive and happy life. Loving others regardless of what they do is possible for only those who have a large heart. A short Tennessee Williams quote which happens to be the favorite of the wearer finds place on his back.
This wonderful quote shows us the power and faith of love which gives us strength in times of crisis. This tattoo uses both the peace symbol as well as the pistol to put forth its message more forcefully.
Elegant vines surround the famous quote from the epic love drama of Shakespeare, carved on forearm.
Amazing font with partly shaded work that exclaims a motivational message, carved on the right bicep. Quote from the movie Serenity, carved on the bicep, that points towards the flamboyant and wayward attitude of the wearer.
This quote is from a song composed by labyrinth and carved on the thigh and arm of the girls.
Quote from the famous Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe that is enlightening and motivating. Quote from the song of the same name carved near the shoulder in curvy font and surrounded by tribal art pattern.
This back tattoo bears a quote from the famous Russian writer Vladimir Nabokov’s creation Lolita. The famous lines of John Keats about truth being beauty and vice versa gets an expression on the inside of the elbow joints. This typewriter lettering tattoo looks cute and the line has been taken from the Famous novel Alice In Wonderland. Regular and neat font bearing a truthful line about the essence of war, engraved on forearm.
Life is indeed the greatest of all teachers and love reveals who are our true well wishers.

This ‘heart means everything’ one is from the song ‘colder than my heart if you can imagine’ by a day to remember. Spiritual line about god carved on rib along with a sweet blue bird that looks sober and pretty.
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Men are not usually associated with being sentimental but that does not mean you can not get a heart mom tattoo on your chest.
Small chest tattoos can be the perfect option for having a tattoo on your chest without your chest being to busy.
Aside from being style statements they are also a part of the motivational and inspirational instruments that we can utilize in our daily life to get positive thoughts and vibes.
That way, our peers know a little more about us and our feelings Are you also looking for some short quotes for tattoos that can be placed on your body? Its quite a popular tattoo used by the fans along with the quote ‘have faith in me’ and ‘ this is where i make my stand, right here with my friends’. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. The chests large surface area allows for great designs either as pieces gathered together or as single designs. Men are getting large pieces on their chests linking up with sleeve tattoos which can give chest tattoos a completed look. The curvy contours and thin weight of the fonts naturally allow the lettering to flow with the chest area and can extenuate the tattoo making it appear larger.
Big thick bold lines dominate the tribal tattooing style with an array of lines and swirls. Chest tattoos are a great place for angels, loved ones names, portraits, tributes, angels and any design that you hold close to you heart! Forming a quote, phrase, name or single words above the breast or upper chest area is often the location chosen.
Chest pieces can look very stunning especially if the colors used match the women’s complexions and contours. Shoulder to shoulder tattoos and lower chest to upper chest tattoos can frame the the chest area and draw more attention towards your face. Men and women with alittle extra fat or muscle have it much easier than those that are thinner. Either way, we hope that this gallery of images has inspired you if you’ve been thinking about getting a quote tattoo. Chest tattoos are very common among men, often opting for big designs extending to the shoulders through to the collarbone. Lettering from shoulder to shoulder just under the color bone area is a popular choice of chest lettering tattoos.

Single split chest tattoos or dual split chest tattoos can bring structure and define the chest or breast area. Women tend to go for single tattoo chest designs or multiple designs forming a chest piece. Lettering and word chest tattoos can be used inside scrolls, over patterns, worked into images or left on their own without any imagery.
Small tattoos can be singular tattoos or multiple small tattoos to complete a bigger design. Larger chest piece transition methods can morph or join another tattoo like the shoulder or sleeve tattoo. While chest tattoos are not as painful as rib tattoos if you run your fingers along your chest you should feel your bones and just how close in proximity the needle will be with them.
All of us have some philosophy or ideology that we love to follow and feel close to at all times.
You can also get cool ideas about the style of font to be adopted while getting such tattoos. If so, get a quote tattoo that means something to you or has even changed your outlook on life. A chest tattoo is considered sacred to some people as the tattoo is close to the heart, so the tattoo can have sentimental values attached to them. Tribal designs on the chest create almost an armor or shield which gives the tribal design its masculinity. Lettering and name tattoos that are close to the chest area include the shoulder, collar bone and under breast and sternum. They also could have image shadows that fade out to skin or just use image outline as a finish boundary. Either we note them down in our diaries or place them on our desk at the workplace or in our bed room or living room.
Single words  or phrases are best when set across the middle of the chest or set to one side also. Similarly, some people get them etched into their bodies as tattoos on different parts of their body.
Chest piece tattoos are commonly symmetrical in design or have close symmetry creating unity and flow. Many designs can be found in the chest piece but more commonly seen designs in the piece are birds, eagles, roses, words, scrolls, skulls, hearts and tribal tattoos.

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