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I spotted Kelly’s tattoo across a crowded train car and had about a stop and half to get this short interview done before her stop. Right after I interviewed John Airo he started teling me about all the guys he works with who have Chicago flag tattoos.
I was at Binny’s buying just-a-little-too-much regional craft beer, as you do, when I saw Curly and her obviously new Chicago flag tattoo. Curly: I got it from Allie Sider, he works out of Tatu Tattoo and Code of Conduct in the South Loop. We were headed back to our car after the nighttime Rave Run 5K downtown and I spotted those distinctive stars on the back of another runner’s arm in front of me.
C2E2 is a huge comics and entertainment expo in downtown Chicago and my wife Erica was working the I Want to Draw a Cat For You booth all three days. John Zuiker has already been a friend to the site, as he’s the one who introduced me to Molly and Zoelle Fishman and Brad Lash. CFT: This tattoo is pretty new, but it’s pretty visible-out there in LA does anybody have any idea what it is, do you get questions about it? We love all sorts of Chicago-related tattoos and love interviewing the people who have them. She references another of her tattoos, and it would be smart if I could show you a photo of that as well, but my phone froze up, so I can’t show you the lovely skyline and music tattoo nor the Chicago sports trio (Sox, Bulls, Blackhawks) on the forearm of her companion.
I grew up like twenty-five miles outside of the city, but I’ve been living in the city for a decade. You know, a movie that’s past its time already in the regular theatre, so they showed it for 2 bucks. As soon as she was done asking an employee her questions about regional craft beer, I jumped in and interviewed her right in the middle of the beer aisle.
It’s been the one place that I can see myself staying throughout the rest of my life, if I can help that. It was late, I was tired, he had kids with him, and I was shy, so I didn’t ask for a full interview.
I grew up in Evanston and then I went to undergrad at Columbia downtown and that’s when I moved to Chicago.

They started off in the ’60s, or actually earlier than that, and they were designing tennis clothes for the British tennis player Fred Perry. So Saturday when I visited the expo I was paying less attention to the hundreds of robots, aliens, and monsters than I was to scanning exposed skin for Chicago flags.
And when I decided to move to LA I kind of knew that I was going to stay here for a really long time and wasn’t going to go back to Chicago. So I was kind of thinking, you know what would be really cool would be if I did a Sacred Heart but as the Chicago flag. Because, you know, I was super nervous about going to a new shop and going to a new artist. So they didn’t know it was the Chicago flag, but they had recognized the iconography of it. So Kurt Halsey Frederiksen is a Chicago artist, this is one of his pieces with the skyline. But I was born there, raised in that area too, and raised in Logan Square, all the way til I was about 23 years old. He actually did a flag tattoo earlier that day when I came in that he was telling us about.
Wanted to let you know I got my Chicago flag tattoo finished!” John is living in Los Angeles now but we managed to meet up on Skype so I could see his new tattoo and interview him about it.
Instead of the crown of thorns I could do the stars, the heart could be blue and a little bit of white, and then some flames. The shop that he owns is called The Dolarosa and I found it because I was having dinner with a friend next door. So this was 1) to try to calm my homesickness 2) you know, memory for Chicago but 3) so the pride I have for my city that I was born and raised in and basically shaped me to be the person that I am—I wanted to thank the city and commemorate it through pain. Rude boys, and the mods, and the skinheads in the 70s in England took it over as their style. It stunk, the floors were sticky permanently, the carpet was horrible and stained, and there was scary sketchy bums sleeping in there, kicking around 40 ounce bottles. If I combined it, that way I could be more representational of the Chicago flag and not as literal.

When I went to the tattoo artist I was talking about that and I was like, maybe some of the flames could be shaped like some of the buildings, maybe the flames could be like the John Hancock and the Sears Tower. Stayed out there for about 5 years, and I moved back here up to Chicago back in 2010, and since then, I’ve accumulated a few more tattoos. It was my first tattoo, and one that I was happy to give up that pain for my city that I love. And it’s still being used to this day, by a little bit different folks now, but the core people that really do wear it are still people from that type of subculture.
John rolled up his sleeve and showed me a very distinctive, bold and battered version of the Chicago flag, of his own design. If I got the skyline, if I got the Sears Tower or the Picasso or the Bean or anything, everyone in the world would know that.
So I thought it would be a really good first tattoo in LA, because I get the LA artist with the Chicago content. John and Luke collaborate on a new comic book, CPD 70, about the Chicago Police Department in 1970.
Someone needs something and everyone’s there, except the cops, except the government. John’s personal art work is filled with versions of the Chicago flag and it obviously occupies a prominent place in his artistic mind. It was an interesting decision, because it is, it’s the only tattoo I have that was not done in Chicago.
I don’t care how much outsiders have come and changed it or have evolved it to their style.

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