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Get this art-collection-tattoo-inspired-chicano-maya-aztec-and-mexican-5363863 for free in Good resolution. Description: Chicano tattoo art emerged in the 40s and 50s in California and in the Latin community to assert ‘ brown pride’. Chicano tattoo designs are similar to mural and cars paintings, but also have their main specialities. The Virgin Mary, Jesus and angels are indeed well representated but also the heart with thorns, the praying hands and various crosses, especially the pachuco cross, heritated from the gangs and tattooed between the forefinger and thumb.

Originally done with a sewing needle and Indian Ink, real Chicano tattoos must only use black ink. But contrary to popular opinion, Chicano tattoo is not bound to Mexican and Latin American people. Fine lines are used for religious themes and girls portraits, while bold shadings stand out for letterings, often first names, spanish words or locas (names of birthplace or neighbourhood). Clients from Europe, Asia and USA also ask for them and tattoo artist from various origins favour this style.

Most famous Chicano artists are Californian masters Steve Soto and Jun Cha and also Italian famous tattoo artist Antonio Macko Todisco.

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