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While a€?Dragon Agea€? isna€™t as polished or ground breaking as some of their previous efforts, the game maintains the high standards of character development, story telling and flexibility fans have come to expect from the company.
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The plot is standard fantasy fare a€“ an evil horde seeks to conquer the world and only you can stop it a€“ but the execution is hardly humdrum.
The gamea€™s mature rating allows a€?Dragon Agea€? to bring players into a world of murky morality where the right choice is increasingly difficult to find.Choices arena€™t in short supply, either.
The fact that every situation in the 70 hours of gameplay feels unique is an astounding accomplishment. There is no cookie cutter questing in a€?Dragon Age.a€? As if that werena€™t enough, everything is made more complex by the companions you gain during the course of your adventures. The AI for your fellow party members tends to be frustratingly conservative in combat and, at points, the difficulty ramps up to an almost vindictive level, even when playing the game on normal. Coupled with a shaky autosave feature, some players will find themselves reloading their save games with dismaying frequency.

For its every misstep, a€?Dragon Agea€? offers up dozens of alluring carrots that lead players deeper into the game. It is compulsively intriguing.A game this ambitious and unapologetically old school (to veteran RPG players, the influence of Biowarea€™s 1998 classic a€?Baldura€™s Gatea€? is unmistakable) should have its place on every gamera€™s shelf.
If more games had the depth and breadth of a€?Dragon Age,a€? the world of video games would be a much better place.After all, a flawed diamond is still a diamond.

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