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Crazy Hand returns to accompany Master Hand as one of the end bosses of Classic Mode in Super Smash Bros. Crazy Hand additionally appears in Special Orders as the host of a mode called Crazy Orders, where players can either use a pass or pay 5000 gold to take on consecutively difficult orders issued by Crazy Hand for prizes. Crazy Hand, along with Master Hand, has a variety of both new individual attacks and new combination attacks. Crazy Hand produces a series of magenta rods, which he sticks into the ground one-by-one at intervals along the stage.
Crazy Hand produces a ball of shadowy energy, tosses it upwards, and backhands it into the stage.
Crazy Hand runs his fingers across the stage like a plow, shortly followed by Master Hand flying in the other direction with an uppercut. Master Hand tosses a series of small orbs towards Crazy Hand, who bats them back across the stage. If one defeats Crazy Hand before Master Hand, Crazy Hand can be seen in a much smaller scale far off in the distance. Crazy Hand (????????, Kureiji Hando?) is the secondary antagonist of the Super Smash Bros series, and is Master Hand's left hand and brother.
Crazy Hand looks exactly the same as Master Hand (apart from being a left hand), but is more chaotic in general. Crazy Hand's origins are unknown, and the two Hands are in a dualistic conflict of create (Master Hand) and destroy (Crazy Hand).
Crazy Hand never appears in the Subspace Emissary, although he makes an appearance in Boss Battles Mode. A^ Rocket Punch Crazy Hand makes a "W" symbol with his hand, goes behind the stage and flies to the stage.
Lv Seizure Crazy Hand slaps the player to the ground, waits for 1-3.5 seconds, and has violent spasms that will "catch" the player and keep hurting the player.
MH (Master Hand) and CH (Crazy Hand) must both press the input shown to trigger the combination attack. Y> Y< Applaud A shockwave is released that puts the player to sleep, then the two hands clap together five times.
Where Master Hand loves to create, his alter ego is impulsive and destructive, consumed with that hollow feeling which comes from destroying one's own creations. Seemingly a manifestation of the destructive spirit in direct contrast to Master Hand, who is the manifestation of the creative spirit. Even if Master Hand is not actually evil, many of Crazy Hand's attacks use darkness, much like Ganondorf, suggesting perhaps a more sinister intent. Crazy Hand, along with Master Hand, appear in Kirby and the Amazing Mirror as the bosses of Candy Constellation, but he has the same attacks as Master Hand, not counting combination attacks.

In his Brawl trophy description, it says that Crazy Hand appears "when Master Hand's power begins to ebb". Crazy Hand is the only character to appear in Boss Battles that doesn't appear in the Subspace Emissary. A move where Crazy Hand slaps across the stage is present in Brawl, but he never performs it by normal means. This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it. If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file.
In Super Smash Bros 4 for the 3DS, if the player plays Classic Mode on Intensity 3.0 or higher, they with Crazy Hand while he's partnered with Master Hand. Crazy Hand, along with Master Hand, appear in Kirby & the Amazing Mirror as the bosses of Candy Constellation, but he has the same attacks as Master Hand, not counting combination attacks. Crazy Hand is the only character to appear in Boss Battles that does not appear in the Subspace Emissary. At the end of the mode, players can fight Crazy Hand either by choice or after they reach the 10-minute time limit to claim their rewards. While this means that the player must contend with both Hands for the majority of the battle instead of being able to focus on and defeat one of them first, it also means that the two combined have significantly less HP that the player must deplete and so the battle generally can be completed much quicker. The vortex sucks in the player, and if caught, deals significant damage before launching them sideways. They explode when touched or enough time passes; they deal damage but do not disappear if Crazy Hand is still holding them. After a few rounds, Crazy Hand begins throwing large orbs towards Master Hand, who flicks them directly towards the player.
Brawl during the Boss Battles mode, he does not actually appear as a boss of the Subspace Emissary.
The first causes darkness, the second causes electrocution, and the third poke causes freezing. This move is actually the signal used to perform a team attack with Master Hand, though the order seems random. This is not true; as long as the player reaches the final stage on hard or above in nine minutes or less, Crazy Hand appears at the beginning of the fight, alongside Master Hand. This was never true; as long as the player reaches the final stage on hard or above in nine minutes or less, Crazy Hand appears at the beginning of the fight, alongside Master Hand. Three other characters (one of which could be Master Hand) may appear during the battle depending on how many orders have been completed. Instead, the player can choose to fight him (and earn more rewards for doing so) as long as the Intensity is set to 3.0 or higher.

Despite this, his trophy, when arranging your collection by series, is listed in the "The Subspace Emissary" section. He will also be the final enemy of Crazy Orders (exclusive to the Wii U version), where will fight alone or accompanied by CPU characters in a Stamina match against the player; and will randomly drop treasure chests containing rewards as he receives damage. Crazy Hand is also the only boss that does not have to be fought in order to unlock Boss Battles Mode.
Both Crazy Hand and Master Hand will drop treasure chests containing additional prizes during the beginning of the battle.
Additionally, if the Intensity is 8.0 or higher, the player will have no choice but to fight Crazy Hand (and Master Core).
When joined with Master Hand, they can perform several cooperative attacks that usually do 1.5-2 times as much damage. Aside from this, though, he merely reprises his role in Classic Mode, and has no relation to SSE, despite the fact that Master Hand appears. Those who must face Master Hand and Crazy Hand at the same time face a long and painful battle to the death.
Melee, however, this statement was true; Crazy Hand appeared when Master Hand's health had been cut in half. To fight him in Classic Mode, you must arrive at the final stage in 9 minutes or less with the difficulty level set to Hard or above. Also note that some of Crazy Hand's moves (the one that Master Hand also has) have a second effect like freezing. When the Intensity is set to 5.1 or above, Master Core will instead replace the Hands once a fraction of their HP is depleted, and take on the player in a final fight.
Crazy Hand is a more dangerous foe than Master Hand since he has more attacks, and many of his attacks also have side effects, such as the Lip's Stick flower. Master Hand is that of a creative spirit but Crazy Hand is that of a destructive spirit and when together they make very powerful force to fight with, normally ending in the player's demise. Crazy Hand also attacks more frequently, giving fewer opportunities to hit, which makes the battle in Classic Mode harder because the fight with him and Master Hand is timed. They can perform some moves like that of combo moves, where they join together clapping, which damages the character, and punching.

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