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2 - Duplicate the arc by first selecting it, and then dragging it down while holding shift. 3 - Right click any arc and convert it to an editable spline, go then to the Modify tab and select Vertex then after that click the attach button then select the other arc and then click connect.
6 - Now duplicate this shape the way we did for the arc before, this time drag so that you have two identical shapes next to each other as seen in the next image. 8 - Finally duplicate the two shapes and drag them to below the older two shapes so that you have the windows like flag shape.
9 - The ending look is created by applying a material for every square to match the colours of the real logo.My model looked this way by rendering it in v-ray and chamfering the edges.
After my previous tutorial on how to create a frog logo in Photoshop, I'm now going to teach you how to create a glowing and sparkling intense light 3D glow logo. I'm creating the word "QPoit", which actually is a fun word (and non-existing) used between my friends and me (Don't ask me why). Right click on the right word (in my case the "Poit" part) in your layers and select Blending Options. Grab a basic brush with a diameter of 7 with a hardness of 100%, the color #FFFFFF and flow of 25%.
Get rid of the parts of the swirl that you want to look like as if they are behind the character. You can also add some circles using the Elleptical Marquee Tool (M), filling them with #FFFFFF and setting the opacity really low. There you go, a pretty impressive super glowing and sparkling intense light 3d logo using Photoshop & Illustrator.
This (we)blog brings you information about (web)design, blogging tips, (programming) tutorials and much, much more. Have fun reading this blog and don't forget to subscribe to the feed to keep updated on the latest articles. Using the Shape Tool to add 6 nodes to the box by double-clicking the line of the box, with the position shown below.
Now still using the Shape Tool Left-click the line between the node that you have dragged, and convert it to curves using Convert Line to Curves.
Now still using the Shape Tool Left-click the arrow in the node and you can drag em, it will make a curvy shape. Then you will see a black arrow, Left-click em to the sphere, and now you will see that the "S" type is inside the sphere.

Now Send Two of the Custom Shape to the bottom layer by selecting both of them and pressing Command + Page down. Click the Metal Texture and Place it inside the "S" shape Container using PowerClip (see step 12 for information on the process).
Now we are going to add a little shadow to the custom shapes inside the sphere container, which gives an aura to the sphere.
Inside the Sphere Container put the texture at the bottom of the layer by pressing Command + Page Down. Now grab the star, by holding and dragging Left-click, and make a clockwise circle move to distort the star.
Our background texture shape is complete, now put a color in it (any color) and apply the swirl to the sphere. Now create a shadow for the little sphere using the Interactive Shadow Tool, then drag it to the big red sphere. You can customize it and make it more interesting by adding more Shadow, Glow, or even texture. This tutorial shows different techniques that I learned in the past couple of weeks and it'll surely blow others away. Now go to Filter > Sketch > Chrome, use the default settings (Detail 4 & Smoothness 7) and press OK.
The source is a brush and make sure you check the Simulate Pressure box: It'll give the nice, smooth edges. You can use the Eraser Tool (E), but since I'm a fan of non-destructive Photoshopping, I would recommand creating a Layer Mask and brushing those parts away.
I couldn't resist adding a Lens Flare behind the letters by going to Filter > Render > Lens flare and using the 105 mm prime with a brightness of 90%. I hope you learned something new & feel free to place your artwork created by following this tutorial in the comments.
Then convert the box into curves using Command + Q, or go to the upper toolbar then find Arrange > Convert to Curves. You can change the color by left-clicking it, fill the color with 50% Black on the left, and white on the right. Now the "S" shape Container will have a texture, but it's still too dark, so let's lighten them up a little.
Inside the "S" shape container Click the Metal texture and go to Interactive Transparency Tools, it's in the left bottom toolbar.

Go inside the Sphere container by hitting Command + Double-click, and select the two custom black shapes. Select the texture and put it into the Sphere container with PowerClip (process explained in step 12).
After that go to the Interactive Transparency Tool and set the type to uniform and set the transparency value to 80.
Make a rectangle or a box for the background, colorize it to a darker color or gray - it's up to you. When you click it, on the top toolbar will appear a Distortion Type, set it to " Distortion. Now create a little sphere with any size you like, as long it's smaller than the red sphere. Instead of creating a black shadow now we are going to make a white shadow, set the Shadow opacity to max, Shadow Feathering to 62, and Shadow Color to White. Check out Envato StudioChoose from over 5 million royalty-free photos and images priced from $1. Select Extrude in the Modify tab and raise the amount of extrusion to the amount you desire. Now go to your brush palette (F5) and play around with the Size Jitter, Scatter & Spacing. We are going to make the metal texture a little bit transparent, in the Interactive Transparency Tools go to the upper left toolbar. After you select them, find the Interactive Shadow Tool, which is in the left bottom toolbar. And fill the right side with the normal Red color, this will make a gradient that goes from dark to light red. After that, you will see that your cursor turns into boxes, hold and drag them to create a shadow.
While still in the Interactive Transparency Tools, you will see a set transparency point tool, make the value 80.

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