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An ambigram, also sometimes known as an inversion, or flipscript, is a graphical figure that spells out one or more words not only as presented, but also in another direction or orientation (from Wikipedia).
John has written some great tips for those wanting to create their own ambigrams, and I’ve referenced his website in the resources below.
Designed by Phil Gibbon, this one’s a mirror-image ambigram, for the car made famous in Back to the Future. Logo for the French clothes manufacturer, NEW MAN, designed in 1969 (source) by Raymond Loewy.
A fitting way to wrap-up, wishing you all a very happy holiday period with this ambigram from npgraphicdesign.
They’re all very cool, although the only one that I like as a logo is the New Man logo. I agree with George that you wouldn’t really use any of these in a commercial application, but I think in designing one you learn a lot about letterforms and how to compress an idea to its elegant core — something that comes in handy when working with logos? I love stuff like this, shows the extra mile taken in the logotype design rather than just picking a suitable font and running with it. David, I hadn’t seen Flipscript before but it produces some quality designs and quickly. Seriously, though, it’s always improving, even though we already have thousands and thousands of characters.
Words don’t usually mix like that — the designers at Agency26 were either lucky discovering the concept for this final outcome…or extremely talented designers! I think the most successful ambigrams are the ones that don’t scream that they work both ways.
Nice I love these, not only do they require a lot of creativity, but also the name has to work with it.
The Truce logo is not from Agency26, but it is indeed awesome, and was featured at LetterCult, which might explain why it’s on my server.
I think Aerosmith have the benefit of global familiarity with the word to allow them to get away with something that otherwise would be pretty difficult to read.
Ambigram tattoos are usually in the form of calligraphic writing that artists manage to squeeze in two different readings into the selfsame set of curves.

Other ambigram figures may show supernatural beings and gothic images that spice up the ambigram tattoos illusion. But whatever the design ambigrams may be expressed, it requires a unique symmetry and imagination in creating a perfect illusion.  It becomes a true challenge for tattoo designers and artists to intrigue their followers of these one of a ambigram tattoos. An anbigram is a typographical design or art form that may be read as one or more words not only in its form as presented, but also from another viewpoint, direction, or orientation.
A while back, I made a similar ambigram using the negative space to create a new word when rotated 180 degrees. It’s superb how it combines two words into one, with rotation showing the difference. I find the following ones particularly effective: Nine Inch Nails, ABBA, Edge, Ann, Delorean, New Man.
Check out my portfolio section of my website there is an example of an ambigram for the band Catwalkblue. A web server issue has meant my last reply to you all was lost during a necessary backup restoration. If the logo works on its own, and THEN you find out that it also works upside down, I find that to be a much more successful logo. The illusion that ambigram tattoos generates a massive appeal to many tattoo enthusiasts and artists anywhere in the world. There is a variety of scripts and fonts to choose from, all expressing a different kind of elegance and stylishness.
Angels and devils are just some of the most common ambigram effects that are very popular among the youth. Rotational ambigrams are ambigram tattoos that present several words when placed in a fixed angle.  Mirror – image are designs that are read when reflected in a mirror.
Men and women are continuously sporting for ambigram tattoos and still become fascinated with the illusion and message it conveys to everyone.
The words readable in the other viewpoint, direction or orientation may be the same or different from the original words. It was his entry for our Nagfa Ambigram Challenge (NAC), which saw other ambigram entries from artists from all over.

Please accept my apologies if you have received comment updates twice, and I’m very glad you enjoyed the ambigram feature.
An ambigram is a typographical design or figure that are be inverted, flipped or mirrored without changing its script or form in any orientation.
Ambigram tattoos may come in a single word to an entire phase depending on the bearer’s preference. Its conflicting representation makes it very an intriguing and at the same time interesting concept.
It is also known as glass door ambigrams because it can be printed on glass doors in order to be read differently. Okay, so it may not have been as legible, but you only need to visit the Wikipedia page on ambigrams for an example of how effective it could’ve been. It creates an optical illusion that intrigues many tattoo design seekers because of its unique and imaginative form. Many people are amused when seeing ambigrams and enjoy reading the script over and over again. The few successful ambigram logos have been for clients for whom ambigrams were appropriate: artists, magicians and puzzle makers.
It keeps us in constant awe of how ambigramists create such an illusion of artistry and imagination.
It is created with a word possesses one or more symmetries when written in its natural state.  Figure – ground designs are ambigrams in which the spaces between the letters of a word form another word.
Similar to this is the space-filling although this is designed to fill in a 2-dimensional plane. Spinonym, Fractal, 3D, perceptual shift, symbiotogram and multi- lingual are also some of the categories that may be created for an ambigram tattoos.

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