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The introduction of Quick Create Forms in Dynamics CRM 2013 provided a simpler way for users to create records for core entities from anywhere within the system.
Let’s say you are given a business card and you want to enter the details of a person into your Dynamics CRM 2015 system. Now let’s compare this with Dynamics CRM 2015 and its ability to launch multiple Quick Create forms when populating lookups. When we click on the New button, an empty Account form will not be displayed in a separate window. This new feature will definitely save you time in creating core records in your CRM implementation.
Having a internet business, the most important tools your business is your website. The following are a few tips that will help you create a website that sells, and why being ahead of the game is important. These are a few tips you can apply to your website .In what area would you say your website needs improvement in?
The Blend Tool is a powerful tool which allows you to create quick and easy blends in Adobe Illustrator.

In this QuickTip tutorial we will be looking at the Warp Tool and the Bristle Brush settings to make a quick and effective chalkboard illustration. Zoom in so you can see the corners, and using the Line Segment tool (Backslash), draw a line at a 45-degree angle. You can repeat the wood-grain process three more times for each section of the chalk board frame, or simply make three more copies, totaling four sets.
Take the other copy of the frame shapes and fill them with a lighter wood-colored gradient, as shown. Lower the opacity of the brush stroke until it looks like the board has been erased a few times. However, there is one disadvantage in that it does not launch subsequent Quick Create forms to populate lookup fields. You could use the Contact Quick Create form to enter the basic details of the person, but what happens when you need to create an Account record for that person at the same time? Again you would enter the basic details of the person, but now when you click on the Company Name lookup, you will see that the New button is available without having to open the Lookup dialog.

Many people judge websites by the quality of the writing.  So make sure you go back and double check. In this quick tip screen cast, I'm going to show you how to create a sunset using primarily the Blend Tool.
In Dynamics CRM 2013, you would have to click on the Company Name lookup, then Lookup More Records followed by the New button which would pop open an empty Account form in a new window.
I added the Parent Account lookup to the Account Quick Create form and managed to launch 10 Quick Create forms at one time.
You may have to double-click the tool and lower the intensity, if the twirl effect is too intense.

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