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With the offset path selected (it is selected by default, but if you happen to deselect, you may need to right click on the object and select Ungroup), choose yellow for the background color and no stroke. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. A logo is a graphic mark commonly used by commercial enterprises, organizations and even individuals to create and promote instant public recognition. Cool Text is a free graphics generator for web pages and anywhere else you need an impressive logo without a lot of design work.
Logogenie is an innovative logo design system which has +2000 genuine icons to choose from, super easy-to-use design tools and an all-round great service. Logo Maker is a popular design website allowing users to use its custom-built design tool to design website logo or business logo in minutes.
Logo Ease provides intuitive and simple design interface allowing you to create your own logo designs in just minutes. LogoYes provides free online designer tool for you to create a custom logo for business cards, websites, letterheads, and stationery. Logo Snap is another online service that offers free logo, business card, letterhead and envelope design. Online Logo Maker is a free design service that provides a functional and clean interface, hundreds of symbols of various categories to choose from, easy-to-use tools to rotate, resize and transform your logo. Logo Design Engine is a free design service allowing you to select logo template, fonts and colors to create your business logo and save it on your computer. Once or twice a week I like to come up with articles that really expose my viewers to the various types of tutorials that they need to get their latest designs off the ground. In this post, you’ll find everything from designing  a clean retro 3D arcade text effect to creating a beautiful vector portrait.
If you happen to be a website owner or blogger, we strongly recommend you to create a unique and attractive logo giving your site a clear identification.
Simply add your company name and slogan, choose an icon from the icon library and add your finish details! You will receive various electronic files for both web and print use including the vector source files. I have rounded up an amazing collection of high quality Illustrator CS5 tutorials that you will definitely benefit from.

This is because an attractive text effect surely catches the eyes and delivers a better message to onlookers. In fact, there are many web services and tools out there assisting you to create a cool logo for free, so that you don’t have to hire a logo designer. In this showcase, we have collected 36 tutorials that show you how to create awesome text effects in Illustrator, Photoshop and CSS step by step. In this article, we would like to share with you some of the best websites that provide free logo making services. Feel free to learn from this tutorial and apply it to your very own graphic designs that may suit your needs and style.Adobe IllustratorCreate a custom type illustrationIn this project, I'll show you how, with preparation and planning, a word can be manipulated to interact within itself ornamentally.
These ideas will help and inspire you to start creating your own type illustration, without the use of Photoshop filters to twist your words and add flourishes. This tutorial includes detailed instructions and interesting tricks that will allow you to succeed in creating this kind of style.
He wrote a simple brief explaining the positive messages that The Renmen Project wanted to evoke. He also sent round a template to provide guidance on the letters’ dimensions and shape, plus a primary and secondary colour swatch.
In these cases, you can either take the easy way and choose a fancy font from some of the free font site like Dafont or Urban Fonts, or get creative and give some extra sparkle to your ordinary font, creating a typographic design which can stand by itself. Here he shows you how to produce an illustration based on the letters D and A in a kind of dismembered style.
Using the 3D Extrude and Bevel Tool combined with some clever gradients and layer effects you can make this great effect that’s perfect for text and symbols alike. This tutorial covers all the techniques in creating this lettering illustration and gives advanced coloring and compositional tips. The project started with an all-member call-out to help promote a fashion trade show called TMRW. Along with the Appearance panel, we will be using some texture effects, Warp effects, and some simple layering.
One very interesting trick with the Bounding box will let us do it without using 3D modeling.
You will also learn how to manipulate strokes using Illustrator’s Width tool and create depth with the Blend tool.

We will use the Note Paper effect then with the help of the Live Trace options to obtain the vector shapes that we need. The Pucker & Bloat effect can be used successfully in this case to create a pretty realistic grass look. Today we will demonstrate how to combine several stock images to create some nice gold ornamental typography. The main focus of this tutorial is the use of layer masking techniques, plus some interesting drawing skills.
In this  tutorial, author Alex Beltechi will demonstrate how you can create a similar look without a camera and tripod. In this two-part tutorial, we’re going to learn how to bring a simple proverb into a complex typographic illustration that achieves a level of realism without actually using any photos.
In the first part, learn how to model your own objects in Cinema 4D and prepare them for isolation in Photoshop. We will start from a polygon, then we will play with wood textures and with layer styles to achieve a really funny result. I’ll go in depth with each step so that Photoshop beginners will find the process easy to follow.
In this tutorial you will learn how to plan paths in Illustrator, model them in Cinema 4D and bring them alive in Photoshop.
You’re going to need to know the basics of Cinema 4D for this one, as today’s focus is on Photoshop.
The good news is that with the addition of Layer Styles in Photoshop several versions ago, chrome is now an easy effect to achieve. Of course, I can unintentionally leave something unexplained, but I expect everybody, with a minimum Photoshop experience, to be able to follow the tutorial and reach the final result. This isn’t all the text-shadow property is capable of though, by getting creative and playing around with the colours, offset and blurring we can create some clever and pretty cool text effects!

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