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Cross tattoo designs are representations of a symbol that is far more ancient and varied than you might think. In some pre-Christian cultures, the vertical bar was seen as the male phallus, the horizontal bar as the vagina.
The Celtic cross (aka Irish cross) is a particularly beautiful representation of this universal symbol and Celtic cross tattoos are a popular type of Celtic tattoo.
The Celtic cross looks like a basic cross with a circle (symbol for the sun) around the intersection and is adorned with Celtic knot work art . The Christian faith uses the cross as a symbol for the fact that Jesus Christ was crucified by the Romans, a common Roman way of executing slaves and non-Romans. One of the first things that come to mind when thinking about Christian cross tattoos is: Is it OK for a Christian to get a tattoo?
A cross hanging at the end of a rosary, combined with praying hands is a popular Christian tattoo design as well. Others show the crown of thorns either hung over one arm or the cross or suspended in the middle of it. Holy cross tattoos are very apt at expressing the Christian faith, and have come to be associated with Christianity throughout the world.
The Stars and Stripes: the American flag as a background for a cross is a popular patriotic tattoo design. Robbie Williams: has a Celtic cross on his right hip and another cross tattoo on his right arm with the name Jack Farrell (his grandfather) underneath.
Dave Gahan: the singer of the band Depeche Mode, has got a Celtic cross on his left upper arm and another cross on his under arm.

Holly Marie Combs: has a cross on her back and an iron cross surrounded by tribal patterns on her wrist. Celtic designs are generally identified by a number of overlapping, or interweaving threads or lines.
Tribal tattoos themselves are the most popular type of tattoos in the world and they have many styles and designs you can choose from, one of them being tribal cross tattoos. The effect of these tribal cross tattoos is stunning, either in plain black, blue or a bold Celtic green. The vertical line represents the divine, the horizontal line represents the world, the intersection is the union of both.
With obvious religious connotations, there can be a wide range of symbolism with cross tattoos, with most of the associations tracing back to Christianity in some form. While all cross tattoos usually represent Christianity in some form, there are a few defining characteristics that separate Christian cross tattoos from other varieties.
Some people get a cross to express their religious feelings, while other people may just like the design or give a personal symbolic meaning to their tattoo. Women also have them, but the design is usually smaller and more feminine (on the foot, ankle, hand, lower back).
Since Christianity exists across the globe in the modern world, many different styles of crosses and cross tattoos have been created. First of all, the most common types of Christian cross tattoos usually include a cross that is made from wood, and usually looks very similar to the classic depictions of the cross that Christ was crucified on.
These tattoos are generally much more complex than the other cross designs, and may feature some very intricate designs and features.

There are many different designs that are commonly used for cross tattoos, and depending on the intricacy of the design cross tattoos generally fit just about anywhere on the body. The difference between the two is that tribal cross tattoos are commonly completely black and filled in, and instead of being shrouded in religious symbolism, are often designed with more of a stylish design in mind.
Depending on where in the world the design originated, the tattoo may posses design characteristics of a different country. Common designs include crosses that are surrounded by thorns, crosses that are entangles in vines, and crosses that actually depict the crucifixion of Jesus. Sometimes Celtic crosses will also include additional designs alongside the design of the cross and interweaving lines itself.
Common areas of the body for cross tattoo designs include the chest, shoulder, back, forearm and leg. Sometimes, tribal crosses may only slightly resemble the cross, and may be surrounded by various other tribal styled designs that may outline or connect to the cross itself. Often times Celtic cross tattoos will feature the outline of a cross, with the inside of the cross featuring intricately weaved lines that may be symmetric on either side of the cross.

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