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Many of the cross tattoo designs out there appear to have some Celtic influence within their design. You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. They are all tribal in nature and very creatively done but yet they are very simple and direct and to the point. The best thing anyone looking to get such a tattoo can do is look around on the internet and view a couple of hundred designs and decide what would work for them. The Maltese knights used to wear them with their uniform as a badge that represented their faith and commitment towards their country.
They are interesting and certainly look like designs that might have come out of the middle ages.

There are various opinions regarding the meaning of the eight points of a Maltese cross tattoo. When you’re looking to choose one of the cross tattoo designs for you, make sure to see a lot of what might be available first, and there will be many. Some believe them to represent the beatitudes or eight blessings of Jesus Christ while others think they refer to the eight European states that supervised the Maltese knightly order. I think the tattoo should show you what it is at first glance and to me that is all on the artist. I suppose most of those uses come from some sort of religious beliefs but they were not Christian. At any rate, the Maltese cross tattoos are highly popular throughout the world with people often looking for attractive designs for these tattoos.

The following collection includes some of the most unique and beautiful Maltese cross tattoo designs for you to choose from.
Whether you are interested in cross tattoo designs or any other kind of tattoo you really do need to think about making sure that your tattoo is easily recognizable, unless you purposely don’t want people to know what it is.

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