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The story follows Momoko Hanasaki, a junior high school girl who is in trouble between the Angel World and the Devil World. It all starts when Aphrodite tells Momoko that she is the legendary Love Angel Wedding Peach, and that she will take place of her mother, Sakura, in finding and protecting the Saint Something Four, after a devil named Pluie tries to steal Momoko's mother's ring. Her friends, the other Love Angels, are Yuri Tanima (Angel Lily), Hinagiku Tamano (Angel Daisy), and Scarlet O'Hara (Angel Salvia).

Momoko is in love with Yosuke who is, unknowingly, a half-demon warrior of a tribe in the Devil World named Viento; Yosuke's father, coincidentally, is the one who sent Celestia (Sakura) and himself to Earth in the first place.
Yuri is in love with Captain Yanagiba of the football team, otherwise known as the angel Limone. The Love Angels must protect the world with love, or live in a world filled with nothing but hate.

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