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The Devil Arm is the left arm of the Duel Spirit Yubel after she was launched into space by a young Jaden, when her body disintegrated upon reentry.
The various weapons in the Devil May Cry series are generally either Devil Arms or firearms. Description: The legendary sword of the Dark Knight Sparda, containing the bulk of his devilish powers.
Description: The trademark katana belonging to Vergil as an heirloom from his father, and later coming in to the possession of Nero, and at one point Dante.
Description: A set of gauntlets, greaves, mask, and back armor made of a living, organic sharped metal equipped with thruster-like machines built inside. Description: An armor-like apparatus capable of summoning spectral blades very similar to Vergil's Summoned Swords. Description: Magical blades used by Vergil, and later by Nero when in Devil Trigger, for long range attacks. Description: A double-barreled revolver belonging to Nero, capable of firing shots charged with demonic energy. Description: A demonic fire-arm which fires reflectable lasers powered by Dante's Devil Trigger.

Description: A demonic fire-arm which can fire multiple lasers at either one or many targets, as well as into the sky, creating an "Acid Rain" effect. Description: An armor-piercing sniper rifle with a slow reload-time that can only be fired while on the ground.
Description: A modification of the standard Durandal sword of the Holy Knights belonging to Nero. It is the goal of Vergil and Arkham in Devil May Cry 3, is awakened by Dante in Devil May Cry, is seen with Sparda in a flashback in The Animated Series, and is taken by Trish and used by Sanctus in the final battle in Devil May Cry 4. It is a key element in releasing Dante's devil half, though it must first be awakened by the taste of his blood. They have rather accommodating personalities, and can be temporarily combined into a double-sided scimitar. Vergil obtains them after killing Beowulf and Dante finds them after Arkham activates the Temen-ni-gru and Vergil falls into an abyss. It can only be fired while on the ground, and possesses a strong recoil, but can fire multiple missiles and can shoot its bayonet as a grappling hook. It is capable of changing its form to 666 weapons, of which only seven are used in the game.

Includes a fuel injector which allows Nero to use the Exceed ability, which enhances his techniques.
It has the ability to see the dark thoughts of any person's mind and can form into a Duel Disk. Vergil also used its unawakened form in battle with Dante at the end of Devil May Cry 3, and as one of his weapons during his gameplay in Special Edition.
It also contained the lingering consciousness of Yubel upon her return, in which she required energy drawn from Bio-Bands to return to her true form.
The gauge fills through use of Pandora's standard forms and is depleted whenever its Gunslinger modes are used.

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